Kernig's sign

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symptom of meningitis

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The typical signs of meningeal irritation like nuchal rigidity, Kernig's sign and Brudzincski's sign are not very specific to meningitis as they could appear in upper respiratory tract infections, pneumonia and other bacterial infections.
The neck was supple; Kernig's sign positive/equivocal, fundi oculi normal and systemic examination was unremarkable.
There was no neck stiffness, and Kernig's sign was negative.
double dagger]) Either meningitis signs, stiff neck, Kernig's sign, meningitis rash.
Meningeal signs, including nuchal rigidity, Kernig's sign, or Brudzinski's sign, were uncommon, occurring in 10 (14%) patients (Table).
Neurological examination revealed no neck stiffness or Kernig's sign, while left homonym hemianopsia, left central facial paralysis, left hemiplegia and hemi hypoesthesia were detected.
On physical exam, one may identify Brudzinski's sign (when the neck is passively flexed, the hips flex), Kernig's sign (hip flexion and extension of the knee results in pain in the posterior trunk and legs), signs of increased intracranial pressure and/or focal neurological signs.