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an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter)

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Kerben airport stopped working after the collapse of the USSR.
The accident took place on February 10 at about 6 pm in Kerben town.
Einige tragen gleichzeitig Kerben auf dem Knick und dem Mundungsrand (Karczewski 1978, 168 ff.
SDPK representatives: ex-mayor Isa Omurkulov, Issyk-Kul region vice governor Kenenbayeva, Tash-Komur vice mayor Sharipov, Kara-Kul town vice mayor Oskon Uulu, Kerben town local council chair Ziyabekov, Balykchy mayor Boobekov, Naryn district governor Mamyrov;
Alan Joseph Kerben, Lutz Admitted 1970; Died July 27, 2008
later referenced Kerben, stating "even where a clear and specific reason is offered for delaying proceedings, that any stay of discovery or trial should be for a reasonable and finite time, and that the least intrusive means of accommodating the need for delay should be used, with weight given to the plaintiff's legitimate need to proceed expeditiously.
This is an important step in our mission to spread advanced information technology to the world's most underprivileged regions," said Reuben Kerben, CEO of Spiral Universe.
On August 22, 2016, seven Uzbek policemen suddenly appeared on the mountain known in Uzbek as Ungar-Tepa and Unkur-Too in Kyrgyz, which lies on the undemarcated Kyrgyz-Uzbek border about 10 kilometers from the western Kyrgyz town of Kerben.