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a large airport on Long Island to the east of New York City

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rejoined Kennedy, holding out the copy of the Daily Telegraph, mentioned above.
Let us sit down," said Kennedy, "and talk without excitement.
There was no reply to make, but that did not prevent Kennedy from resuming a series of arguments which may be readily conjectured, but which were too long for us to repeat.
Even the stubborn Kennedy began to feel moved, and yet the spectacle thus conjured up before him gave him the vertigo.
said Kennedy, reflecting; "the trade-winds--yes--truly--one might--there's something in that
Jackie Kennedy, still in blood-spattered clothes, accompanied Johnson, along with her husband's casket, for the flight back to Washington.
Lubin's Shooting Kennedy vastly elaborates the Rosenquist technique, allowing JFK--and consort Jacqueline--to hobnob with a promiscuous assortment of fellow images.
The price that BNA paid for Kennedy Information was not a record in terms of revenue or profitability.
In effect, both images "enable Kennedy to dramatize the intellectual black woman's search for meaning in a white culture that supplies her with no ancestral or sacred roots" (Tener 3).
Ultimately, the final decision rests with Kennedy, but their opinions and suggestions were duly noted.
Writing at a time when, as Amiri Baraka explains, most African American writers sought to portray "black heroes, not black victims" (233), Kennedy created protagonists who attempt to pass as white, although she certainly does not condone this passing.
The signature Centera and Documentum products that have been donated to the Kennedy Library Foundation offer a variety of tools including databases, search engines, and other tools to annotate and add descriptive information to any digital asset, and programs for presenting and printing the digital data.
AMID the outcry over Arnold's appointment of Democratic big cheese Susan Kennedy as his chief of staff, it's been easy to miss the most important thing Kennedy says in her own defense: She voted for all of Arnold's reform measures in the Nov.
assistance with childcare, heavy cleaning and maintenance, paramedical services, respite and emergency, non-medical escort and transportation) are often not considered appropriate personal assistance services (Litvak & Kennedy, 1991 a).
We knew that Kennedy Funding had a reputation for time-of-the-essence closings, and that's why we used them.