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Synonyms for Katari

a native or inhabitant of Qatar

of or concerning Qatar or its inhabitants


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Era mujer aymara Gregoria Apaza, hermana de Tupac Katari, quien con Andres Tupac Amaru presidio el tribunal de Sorata en el periodo insurreccional de la gran rebelion, entre 1780 y 1781.
Tupac Katari, named after an Aymara warrior who fought Spanish invasion in the 18th century, was launched three years later and began operating in April 2014.
This includes the Tupac Katari 1 satellite that enables greater coverage with cutting-edge technology capable of reaching even the most remote areas.
En terminos de alianzas, el lanzamiento del primer satelite boliviano, el Tupac Katari (TKSAT-1), refuerza una fructifera colaboracion con China.
Karam Chand is 108 and his wife Katari is 101 and the couple, from Bradford, marked 88 years of marriage last month.
La insurgencia revolucionaria de criollos y mestizos en Oruro en 1781 contra los gobernantes coloniales tuvo cierta relacion con las vigorosas sublevaciones indigenas encabezadas en el Alto Peru por Tomas Katari y en el Bajo Peru por Tupac Amaru, empenado este en restablecer el Imperio Inca bajo mandato suyo.
The Tupac Katari satellite is expected to reach its orbit in seven days, the Bolivian president's office said.
Karam Chand and his wife Katari said that their marriage is a "real blessing", and to celebrate another year of married life is like a "dream come true", the Daily Express reported.
119-120), las politicas represivas que siguieron a las rebeliones indigenas de Tupac Amaru en el Cuzco, Tupac Katari en La Paz y Tomas Katari en Chayanta (p.
Qatar-based Katari Hospitality is looking to invest in new hotel projects in business and leisure segments across Western Europe, North Africa, Arab Peninsula, South-East Asia and North America, with a focus on the mid-tier segment.
Otra de sus promotoras, Basilia Katari, interpretaba que la resistencia de la clase politica se debia a que "los parlamentarios representaban a los empleadores".
A prominent social entrepreneur from South Florida, Jay Katari, is planning to launch new thrift retail stores across the United States in an attempt to transform the American recycling industry.
Plus, Morales made hay with the global spotlight right before the conference, announcing his intent to launch Bolivia's very own telecommunications satellite whose purpose is to splay electromagnetic radiation over the unwitting countryside--and, ironically, whose name will be Tupak Katari, after the great Andean freedom fighter.
For example, village (i) Targaoun (ii) Aranjaram (iii) Gaurikakra (iv) Katari (v) Rathgoun (vi) Tejpur (vii) Miranpur (viii) Ramsari (ix) Bhattpurwa from the same village completely similar by STRs studied.
The treatment given in this review to the literature on the Tomas Katari, Tupac Amaru II, and the Tupac Katari revolts of Peru and Alto Peru, unfolds following a chronological (here chronology refers to scholarship published during the second half of the twentieth century) and thematic approach.