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a Spanish member of General Franco's political party


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The Kataeb Party moderated its position Wednesday but still would not offer its endorsement for a Frangieh candidacy.
So far, the FPM, the LF and the Kataeb Party have kept silent on Frangieh's proposed nomination.
BEIRUT: The Kataeb Party is seeking a unified stance by the three main Christian parties on a new electoral law that will ensure a fair representation for the Christians, a senior Kataeb official said Friday.
Aoun did not say what these measures were, but sources said the FPM, the LF and the Kataeb Party would decide during a meeting to be held Tuesday night to declare a general strike in all Christian areas until Berri cancels the Parliament session.
The sources said that the main reason the Kataeb Party had joined the dialogue was because the presidential crisis figures so prominently on the the agenda.
BEIRUT: Kataeb Party chief Sami Gemayel discussed the plight of minorities in the region, especially Christians, with Jordanian King Abdullah II during a visit to Amman Thursday.
NNA - The Kataeb Party confirmed its continued suspension of its participation in the dialogue session as long as people's affairs were not met, trashes still in the streets, and cabinet's work disrupted Kataeb party's fresh stance came on Monday in the wake of its politburo meeting, presided over by its leader, Sami Gemayel, to broach an array of hour issues.
In Beirut Tuesday, Hale underscored Washington's long relationship with the Kataeb Party after meeting with party chief Sami Gemayel.
NNA - Kataeb Party Head, MP Sami Gemayel, urged Prime Minister Tammam Salam to call for a Cabinet session, saying all the Lebanese shall stand by his side if he calls for such a session.
Summary: Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil visited newly elected Kataeb Party leader Sami Gemayel Tuesday to offer his congratulations, and the two officials discussed means to end the Cabinet impasse, according to the National News Agency.
NNA - Kataeb Party on Monday indicated that the real change in the work of the institutions started with the election of a president of the republic to be independent of any regional or international axis, and enjoying the support of Christians.
Summary: Hezbollah and its rival the Kataeb Party are often holding dialogue sessions, MP Ali Fayyad said Monday, adding that Lebanese factions should further tackle thorny topics in the country.
NNA - Head of the Kataeb Party, MP Sami Gemayel, said, "We want the national institutions to be active.
Summary: The Lebanese Forces and Kataeb Party remain firm allies, the leaders of both Christian groups said Thursday, dismissing rumors of a rift between the two.
NNA - The Kataeb party stressed the necessity "to implement the plan of Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb for wastes treatment in order to avoid the threats of raining winter," deploring the ongoing negligence in this regard and highlighting that the ongoing delay in implementation "aggravates the situation and leads to health, humanitarian and environmental repercussions.