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the advisory board of the Tibetan government-in-exile

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Dec 29: Takla Phuntsok Tashi went to China via Hong Kong accompanied by Tibetan Delek Hospital's Secretary Tsewang Phuntsok on personal capacity, at the approval of the Dalai Lama and the Kashag.
We told him that we had received an order from the Kashag to keep him in custody at the Nangtseshag for the time being.
Thereafter, the British Mission sent a message to the Kashag through the Tibetan Foreign Affairs Bureau, saying "I have received a telegram from the Political Officer in Sikkim (2 saying that an English teacher has left for Tibet.
The Kashag imprisoned and flogged several times those who were involved in the dispute.
52) When Zhang Jingwu insisted repeatedly on the congratulatory telegram regarding the "agreeement", the Kashag said that it would telegraph its reaction after meeting Ngabo in Lhasa.
Normally the Dalai Lama does not attend his birthday commemorations but since he was requested by the Tibetan parliament and the Kashag.
As customary, Prime Minister Langdun and the Kashag convened the Tibetan National Assembly to discuss the appointment of regent.
The Tibetan Women Association (TWA) discussed how to implement the policy passed by the Kashag (the governing council of Tibetan government-in-exile).
The heads of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, officials from the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission, Tibetan Parliament in-exile, the Kashag (governing council), and the autonomous bodies of Tibetan administration attended the prayer ceremony.
He was granted an estate, and supported by a document bearing the official seals of the Dalai Lama and the Kashag, as source of income in lieu of salary.
The Kashag of Central Tibetan Administration is deeply concerned that two Tibetans have been sentenced to death.
In short, the underfunded, infant CCTM--which, as the Kashag has recently made clear, should not be part of the government but rather function on its own--remained largely dependent on the Men-Tsee-Khang.
After doing certain training at the Tsikhang, they could join the Kashag (Bka' shag) (2), the council-house of ministers, as low or high ranking officials.
For instance, if His Holiness or the Kashag (cabinet) commissions the trance to take place, then, it comes a day before and gets stronger as the time for the trance draws closer.
The army chief offered these resignations direct to the DL who as was usual in such cases referred them to the Kashag.