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United States stage and screen director (born in Turkey) and believer in method acting (1909-2003)

an industrial city in the European part of Russia

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Sampling, randomly, take from soil of seven regions Karshenasan, Kowsar, Niar, Niar 1, Dash kasan, Shoorabil and Shoorabil 1, in Ardabil.
Edris Kasan, who had a 200,000 pesos ($4,400) bounty on his head for his part in the country's worst act of political violence, was arrested early yesterday after he was admitted to a hospital on a southern island with gunshot wounds.
The rigid kasan sections retain their curvature, giving the bow the familiar 'Cupid' shape (Figures 2 and 3).
Moreover, parents must juggle work and family demands to take time to read to their children (Crouter & Bumpas, 2001; Kushnir & Kasan, 1992-93).
In Nikoli's offices, located not far from Asakusa's Sensoji Temple in downtown Tokyo, Maki's creators are working on what may next sweep the puzzle world--Kakuro, from Japanese kasan kurosu, "addition and across.
Kasan Mulyono, Manager Public Relations of Newmont Indonesia, Tel: +62-370-636318 extension # 46468, Mobile: +62-081-757-49482, Fax: +62-370-636318 extension # 46317, Email: kasan.
Two sessions involved students from Kasan State University in Russia, while the other eight experiments were carried out with students from the University of Giessen in Germany.
Adorning the ``Creepers'' red carpet: newcomers Eric Nenninger, Nick Aycox, Billy Aaron Brown, Kasan Butcher, Marieh Delfino and Lena Cardwell, who portray the basketball stars and cheerleaders whose bus is attacked by the Creeper on their way home.
Das Schicksal der ostlichen finnischugrischen Volker hing von den Ergebnissen der Auseinandersetzungen zwischen dem Moskauer Staat und dem tatarischen Khanat Kasan ab.
A smaller but equally significant reconstruction is the Church of Our Lady of Kasan on Red Square.
a leader in router and firewall software solutions for small to medium size networks, today named Branimir Talaich vice president of marketing reporting to Roman Kasan, president and CEO of Tiny Software.
Jazz, whose principal investors include Kasan Electronics, Samsung and Tseng Labs, has been making significant progress in developing market share in the high performance gaming market with its award winning Adrenaline Rush and Outlaw 3D products and in the newest area of PC-based home entertainment with Jammin' DVD kits.
com Chief Executive Officer: Roman Kasan Chief Financial Officer: Roman Kasan Investor Relations Contact: Brandon Talaich Business number: 408/919-7360 ext.
and Kasan Electronics announced today that the Korean electronics giant made a major equity investment in the innovative American start-up.
As one of Korea's largest videographics suppliers, Kasan has a solid foundation to sell world-class products into a sophisticated market.