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a river of southwestern Africa that rises in central Angola and flows east and then north (forming part of the border between Angola and Congo) and continuing northwest through Congo to empty into the Congo River on the border between Congo and Republic of the Congo

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Diamonds, which are mainly mined in Eastern Kasai, provided 51% of all Zaire's export earnings.
Kendall said that their 50/50 joint venture, Yasuda Kasai CIGNA Securities, would not be affected by the transaction.
Besides, since the beginning of the year, a number of initiatives have been mushrooming in several parts of the country to mobilise regional funds, public and private, in order to cope with the collapse of state revenue and the shortage of Western aid, both for political reasons and because Zaire has failed to pay the arrears it owes to the IMF The most spectacular project is the construction of two hydropower plants, Lubilanji 2 in eastern Kasai and the 15-megawatt Katende 1 in western Kasai.
Spansion's Junichi Kasai, vice president of final manufacturing R&D, will review issues and solutions facing 3D package assembly.
Sanyo will manufacture the batteries at its plant in Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture, and assemble them at a plant in Kasai in the same prefecture according to specifications that the two companies will develop jointly, the sources said.
formerly Yasuda Kasai Himawari Life, with a negative outlook.
Standard & Poor's today assigned its single-'A'-plus insurer financial strength and counterparty credit ratings to Yasuda Kasai Himawari Life Insurance Co.
In order to achieve its objectives and maximise productive activity through official channels, the government decided to introduce tough measures to control the movements to and from the gold- and diamond-mining regions of Eastern and Western Kasai, Upper Zaire, Bandundu, Maniama and Southern Kivu.
The Company also accepted the resignation of Kiyoshi Kasai as the Company's Vice President.
Sanyo plans to supply the batteries that will be produced at a new factory in Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture, which is scheduled to be completed next July, they added.
may sell part of its shareholdings in Aozora Bank but may also remain a major shareholder in the bank, Aozora Bank Chairman Kazuhiko Kasai said Friday.
LLC and by Taiyo Pacific Partners, LP, announced today that it has accumulated positions in excess of 5% in three Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies: Amano Corporation (6436), Maezawa Kasai Industries Co.
Tenders are invited for Storage-Cum-Erection All-Risk Insurance For Grand Katende (4 X 16 Mw) Hydro Electric Power Project In Kasai Occidental Province, Democratic Republic Of Congo.
GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany - Japan's Noriaki Kasai clinched a podium finish in third place at the second event of the Four Hill's men's individual ski jumping tournament on Monday.