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Hindu god of bravery


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On the back of the wall behind are figures of a Ganesa, a Karttikeya and a Sivalinga fixed in a yoni or jalahari, meaning a circle of stone with a hole at the centre.
He has, therefore, come to the conclusion that the image is a representation of Gauri and Karttikeya.
On the wall behind, there is generally a sivalinga fixed in a yoni or jalahari, along with the tiny figures of a Ganesa and Karttikeya.
Linga, Ganesa, Karttikeya and the Navagrahas (nine planets) included
Linga, Ganesa, Karttikeya, Navagrahas, four sitting figures and seven kneeling figures at the bottom
Linga, Karttikeya and Ganesa only The image in the Dacca Museum includes the representations of:
Linga, Karttikeya and Ganesa The image in the Indian Museum includes the representations of:
He argues that the presence of the adult Karttikeya and Ganesa in most of these images is enough to make one conclude that the lady depicted here is none other than Parvati, the mother of Ganesa and Karttikeya.
One tradition has it that Skanda was reared by, or even the son of, the six Krttikas, hence the name Karttikeya ("Son of Krttikas").
The later commentator on the text, Dalhana, attempts to clarify the final statement by suggesting that "Kumara" is Karttikeya, the deity, while "Skanda" refers to a Grasper named Skanda (Su 336).
Two most astounding pieces from Uttar Pradesh are a powerful image of Kubera with luscious locks of hair around his meditative serene face, and a magnificently rendered red sandstone 7th-century image of Karttikeya.