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hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia

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Today her farming operation boasts 150 goats, 600 karakul sheep, 250 persian sheep, 6 donkeys as well as 12 horses.
SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Officials in northern Jawzjan province said on Saturday the number of Karakul sheep had increased with change in weather conditions.
Directorate of Research and Supplies is maintaining vaccine production and research, rural poultry, beef production research centre, feed resources laboratory, multipurpose sheep research station, wool research laboratory and Karakul sheep breeding farm.
Influence of age, season, and pregnancy upon blood parameters in Austrian Karakul sheep.
Karakul (kar-ah-kool) Originally from Asia, the Karakul sheep is an ancient breed of fur sheep (see Figure 12-20), which means that the pelt of the animal is the primary product.
However, when Namibian Bernd Rothkegel went home, he did not have good news for his Karakul sheep farmers; his hopes of convincing the mighty EU nations to provide a new form of trade support for this industry, which supports 10% of his population, fell on ears more bent on headier issues.
Special thanks are due to Directorate of Livestock Farms and Directorate of Research, Livestock and Diary Development Department, Balochistan, Superintendant Karakul Sheep Farm Maslakh at Quetta, and Superintendant Bhagnari Cattle/Balochi sheep Farm Usta Mohammad, Balochistan for helping in sample collection.