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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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Although, especially in the early years, they were sometimes able to drive off raiders and inflict casualties, a small-scale attack on a pastoral Fulani hamlet, perhaps merely Kapsiki attempting to rustle cattle, is the only violent act perpetrated by montagnards on Fulani that Yaji dignifies by the term translated as 'raid'.
1986) 'The ideology of building: the interpretation of compound patterns among the Kapsiki of North Cameroon' in H.
Although there is a Wula chiefdom immediately east of Sukur in which a Kapsiki dialect is spoken, the term is variably applied to montagnards, often but not only Mafa, and particularly those who descended onto the plains.
These are provided in Walter van Beek's study of witchcraft and evil among the Dogon of Mali and the Kapsiki of Cameroon as well as Luc de Heusch's examination of Bantu myths and epics from Zaire and Rwanda.
Dasenech (T4, T6), Didinga (B14, K6), Guarijio (M2, K6), Haisla (M1), Halkomelem (M7), Ho (B25), Huastec (B14, K6, M2), Kapsiki (V1), Karo (T6), K'ekchi?