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Antidiarrheals like Imodium, Kaopectate, and fiber supplements are generally safe for HIVers, as are prescription anti-nausea medications, says Judith Feinberg, MD, former chair of the American Academy of HIV Medicine.
Kaopectate was removed from the GI category because its weekly sales indicated low correlation with weekly sales of Immodium during peak diarrhea season (November 2002-February 2003; Spearman correlation coefficient [r.
Parents must also be told to stop any over-the-counter antidiarrheals such as Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol 24-48 hours prior to the first stool collection, as these agents will make it difficult to visualize the parasites.
A diet high in roughage is helpful and there are some over the counter remedies available like Kaodine or Kaopectate although always consult your pharmacist or doctor.
There are other medications that can be added, including Kaopectate and even tincture of opium.
Nothing makes me reach for the Kaopectate faster than end users telling me what they really want.
He complained to the nurses but was only given an over-the-counter stomach remedy, Kaopectate.
If bulk-formers don't relieve diarrhea, your doctor may suggest short-term use of medications that slow the bowel muscles, such as Kaopectate or Lomotil.
If you've ingested Kaopectate, you've eaten kaolin," he points out.
Worldwide, many animals consume clay soils that contain nothing nutritious but are chock full of minerals similar to the ingredients of Kaopectate, a commercial diarrhea treatment.
DIARRHEA: Take one tablespoon of Kaopectate (can be bought without a prescription) after each loose stool.
adviser to travelers throughout the world: "Assemble a medical kit for a dancer of any age that includes one-, three-, and five-inch tapes; Ace Bandages with metal clamps or in self-adhesive form; an over-the-counter medicine such as Tylenol or Advil (to be used sparingly, if at all), or an acetaminophen product if you are a nonaspirin user; an analgesic balm such as Kiehl's Body Rub; an antidiarrheal medication such as Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol; Bacitracin, for minor cuts, burns, and scrapes; small scissors and tweezers; an antibiotic, such as Cipro or Neosporin; and a decongestant for allergies.
Perhaps the makers of Kaopectate should advertise that it may be effective in preventing spinal injury.
Also acceptable for use in TV commercials are the words "diarrhea," for Kaopectate, and "period," for feminine hygiene products.
Certain clay soils contain a high concentration of kaolin, the active ingredient in the antidiarrheal medication Kaopectate, according to a report in the Feb.