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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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It follows that there is a difference between a genuine exception, and an adjustment to a rule that accommodates a previously unnoticed class of cases: when thinking about the latter, Kantian theory requires us to consider how people will adjust their plans in light of the modified rule.
It will be our task now to show how Hilbert, in his attempts to obtain a secure foundation for geometry also, without ever realizing it, arrived at certain concepts which are central to the kantian theory of geometrical propositions.
This paper (i) identifies the notion of "essentially non-conceptual content" by critically analyzing the recent debate about non-conceptual content, (ii) works out the basics of a broadly Kantian theory of essentially non-conceptual content in relation to a corresponding theory of conceptual content, and then (iii) demonstrates one effective application of the Kantian theory of essentially non-conceptual content by using this theory to provide a "minimalist" solution to the problem of perceptual self-knowledge, which is raised by Strong Externalism.
Within each chapter he provides a "theory box" that highlights such thoughts as Kantian theory or cultural relativism or the austere beauty of Japanese aesthetics.
Experiments in the moral domain can at best establish psychological rationalism, but they cannot confirm or deny the Kantian theory of justificatory rationalism.
Maxims are central to the Kantian theory of proper deliberation (that is, to the moral assessment of proposed actions), to the Kantian theory of action, and to the Kantian theory of moral assessment of agents and their actions.
As to the content of morality, the theory seems to be an odd grab bag of social contract theory, intuitionism, Kantian theory, natural rights, Mill's Harm Principle, and Mill's utilitarianism.