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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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2) Kantian theory recognises rationality and the capacity to act from a good will as distinguishing features of humankind.
This Columbia University law professor, long an advocate for liberalism, rejects his longstanding Kantian theory of law as idealistic and adopts a relational ethics as more effective, fair, and human.
One test involved in Kantian theory involves a normative ethic.
This paper (i) identifies the notion of "essentially non-conceptual content" by critically analyzing the recent debate about non-conceptual content, (ii) works out the basics of a broadly Kantian theory of essentially non-conceptual content in relation to a corresponding theory of conceptual content, and then (iii) demonstrates one effective application of the Kantian theory of essentially non-conceptual content by using this theory to provide a "minimalist" solution to the problem of perceptual self-knowledge, which is raised by Strong Externalism.
Within each chapter he provides a "theory box" that highlights such thoughts as Kantian theory or cultural relativism or the austere beauty of Japanese aesthetics.