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Russian painter who was a pioneer of abstract art (1866-1944)

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In a period of experimentation and movement towards more symbolic work, Kandinsky and other like-minded artists founded Der Blaue Reiter (the Blue Rider) in 1911, a group of artists based in Munich who emphasized the expression of extreme psychological conditions in their art.
Other paintings included works by old Dutch masters such as Jacob Cuyp, Impressionist Isaac Israels and Modernists like Wassily Kandinsky.
Since the director once stated that he "worked during the Expressionist period as a stage director [and also] painted in an Expressionist manner", however, then it is probably safe to assume that he would at least have been familiar with the most well-known publications of Wassily Kandinsky, who was one of the main progenitors of this pioneering early twentieth-century German aesthetic movement.
The author takes on four of the giants, Kandinsky, Rothko, Warhol and Kiefer, and through a detailed study of a number of their works demonstrates 'what spiritual art can communicate', 'the spiritual insights their works yield'.
In his theoretical writings, Kandinsky analyzes the geometrical elements that make up every painting from the point of view of their inner effect on the observer and theorizes a relation between sensation and abstraction.
It was therefore all the more impressive that our Year 11 student Natalie Angus won first prize for her 3D sculpture inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky.
Among the painters whose work is represented: Gauguin, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Munch, Whistler, and other lesser-known artists from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland, Finland, and Scandinavia.
Wassily Kandinsky (1866 Moscow - 1944 Paris) Bauhaus years: 1922-1933 Kandinsky was a master of painting at the Bauhaus for most of its existence, teaching workshops on wall painting then free painting.
The production was commissioned by Tate Modern as part of the 2011 Blue Rider Centenary Symposium, celebrating the work of Kandinsky and other artists involved in the Blue Rider movement of the early 20th century.
Kandinsky was working on canvas, and while he was striving toward the future, his work in 1913 was still very much saturated with 19th-century ideas.
Wassily Kandinsky was the first modernist artist interested in the shape-colour interaction.
And it was also in this part of the world that Kandinsky began a relationship with Berlin-born Gabriele Munter, later to become a key figure in the Munich avant-garde movement of the period.
Kandinsky on Stage comprises seven pieces that echo the work of the pioneering Russian modernist master and theorist Wassily Kandinsky.
The design school, which counts among its disciples Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, regarded as the creator of abstract art, and Swiss surrealist Paul Klee, had at its core the idea of making art accessible to all social classes.
ARTISTS such as LS Lowry, Antoni Gaudi and Wassily Kandinsky inspired pupils at a Coventry primary school to create pictures for an exhibition.