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an island to the to the east of Australia and to the north of New Zealand

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Jean-Marie Tjibaou (1936-89) was an influential Kanak leader, first as a priest, then a promoter of Kanak culture, and later as leader of the Kanak liberation movement and president of the Provisional Kanaky government.
Known as Kanaky to its indigenous inhabitants, Nouvelle-Caledonie to its French settlers, and New Caledonia to speakers of English, the archipelago is located approximately 2 1/2 hours flight north-east from Sydney on the eastern coast of Australia.
New Caledonia, an archipelago comprising the main island (called Kanaky by its indigenous inhabitants), the Isle of Pines (Kunie), and the Loyalty Islands, is one of two French overseas territories in the south Pacific--the other is French Polynesia (Tahiti).
A high level delegation from Kanaky (New Caledonia) visited Canada in March to express their concern over upcoming plans by Canadian nickel mining company, INCO, to build a massive nickel mine in the island territory.
Melanesion men from Kanaky (New Caledonia) were covered in capes and skirts of bleached shredded plant fibers, with strong black markings smeared on their faces.
Wete, Pothin 1991 "Agis ou Meurs," l'eglise evangelique de Caledonie vers Kanaky.
swore in a provisionalgovernment as the first step in the creation of the state of Kanaky, and installed independence leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou as President.