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Synonyms for Kampuchean

a native or inhabitant of Cambodia

of or relating to or characteristic of Cambodia or its people or language


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After Australia withdrew recognition from the Democratic Kampuchean Government in October 1980 (Britain had withdrawn recognition in December 1979), Talboys stated that New Zealand's policy had not changed.
The one exception has been their dedicated involvement in sponsoring Kampuchean Krom monks and in facilitating the purchase and support of the new temples.
A 1999 Scribe video by other Kampucheans focused on gang violence through a teen romance whose ingenuous presentation separates it from big-budget films and engages audiences in a different way.
83 Kampuchean 280 379 375 525 Vietnamese 622 852 256 131 Laotian 6 152 67 20 Year Total 908 1383 698 676 Grand Total 908 2291 2989 3665 1.
Stephen Cox meets a Kampuchean refugee who is playing the role of a Kampuchean refugee in an American semifictionalized documentary about Kampuchean refugees.
132) On January 9, 1979, the Permanent Representative of Vietnam transmitted to the President of the Security Council a telegram from Heng Samrin informing him that the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Council is performing the functions of a government in Kampuchea, that the government of the "Pol Pot clique" had ceased to exist and that therefore meeting with a representative of that purported government is a "flagrant intervention in the political affairs of the Kampuchean people and a violation of the principles of the Charter.
The public health volunteers who came to be known as Public Health International of Oregon, and then Public Health International, were used for the first time with Kampuchean refugees in Thailand in 1979.
Consequently, the Khmer Rouge issued a decree "banning" all minorities: "`There is one Kampuchean revolution.
Moreover, developments such as Japan's participation in the 1992 Kampuchean peace keeping operation in direct violation of Japanese constitutional law have justifiably raised fears throughout Asia that this military machine is being prepared for active use.
After 1963, when he went into the Maquis, it is more difficult to distinguish Saloth Sar as a person from the Kampuchean revolution as a whole.
they wanted to transform Kampuchean people into a group of persons without reason.
The PRC Premier complimented the Saudi government by saying that "China appreciates the neutral and non-aligned policy pursued by Saudi Arabia and its role in safeguarding Arab unity, and supporting the cause of the Palestinian people and the just struggle of the Afghan and Kampuchean peoples.
Is the Times interested in the skirmishes along the Kampuchean border?
The Vietnamese invaded Cambodia in December 1978, ousted the Khmer Rouge and subsequently appointed Hun Sen, Heng Samrin and Chea Sim as leaders of the new Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP).
Although the Kampuchean government reintroduced taxation in 1983, a large percentage of the government's budget continued to come from aid and long-term loans from socialist countries.