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Synonyms for Kampuchean

a native or inhabitant of Cambodia

of or relating to or characteristic of Cambodia or its people or language


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At the same time, Vietnam continued efforts to strengthen its client regime, the PRK, and its military arm, the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Armed Forces (KPRAF).
No doubt former Premier Pol Pot, the head of the Kampuchean People's Republic who masterminded a campaign of terror that killed at least 1.
Although Kampuchean Krom support from lay leaders and monks has been crucial for the expansion of Cambodian Buddhist temples in Ontario, most of their transnational networks have been established apart from the larger Cambodian community.
By 1979, it should have been clear that at least one million people had died from starvation or summary execution during the Democratic Kampuchean regime.
To add to the cost of returning some of the Afghans home, the Home Office - in typically un-commercial style - chartered a large, Kampuchean registered Tri-Star even though the Afghans arrived on a mid-sized Ariana Airlines Boeing 727.
A Kampuchean Airlines-chartered Tristar jet was due at Stansted late last night to take back any hostages who wanted to return to Afghanistan.
83 Kampuchean 280 379 375 525 Vietnamese 622 852 256 131 Laotian 6 152 67 20 Year Total 908 1383 698 676 Grand Total 908 2291 2989 3665 1.
The public health volunteers who came to be known as Public Health International of Oregon, and then Public Health International, were used for the first time with Kampuchean refugees in Thailand in 1979.
Consequently, the Khmer Rouge issued a decree "banning" all minorities: "`There is one Kampuchean revolution.