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East Kalimantan has 87 licensed HPH companies, Central Kalimantan 58 HPH companies, Papua 27 companies and West Papua 22 companies.
for the highest mountains in Kalimantan (almost identical with Eghenter and Sellato's highest elevation of 2499 m.
We view these three PSC's as very attractive due to their proximity to the export facilities of East Kalimantan, the renowned deepwater expertise of the operator Unocal and their location within a prolific hydrocarbon basin, as demonstrated by this early discovery.
East Kalimantan Licensing and Investment Board chairman Didi Rusdiansyah said the three firms that intend to invest include Kayan Hydro Energi, which has planned to invest Rp 7 trillion ($583 million) to build a 700-megawatt capacity hydel plant, and Kalimantan Energy, which is set to spend Rp 110 trillion to build a 330-megawatt renewable energy plant.
Muro gold-silver mine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, which was brought into production in 1994 and produced more than 255,000 gold equivalent ounces in 1998.
This is expected to bring greener, cleaner hydropower to West Kalimantan and add 8,000 homes to its power grid.
37 Delma Mining Bulungan & Kalimantan 45,810,00
8, 1999--TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (OSLO:TGS)(TGS-NOPEC) in cooperation with Minyak dan Gas Bumi (MIGAS) and Pertamina announces the start of a new non-exclusive 2D seismic survey offshore of the Mahakam Delta in east Kalimantan, Indonesia.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Government of Indonesia will build a cross-border power transmission line linking West Kalimantan with Sarawak, Malaysia, bringing cleaner, greener hydroelectricity to West Kalimantan and adding 8,000 households to its power grid.
Plan to build an integrated steel industry in South Kalimantan by PT Krakatau Steel in cooperation with PT Aneka Tambang to produce steel basic materials-pellet and pig iron is expected to be a milestone in the development of upstream steel industry in the country.
The Third International Borneo-Kalimantan Inter-University Conference (KonferensiAntaruniversitise Borneo-Kalimantanke-Tiga) was held in Kota Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan, June 15-17, 2007.
NYSE:CYM), jointly announced Monday that they have reached an agreement to operate and fund one of Nevada Manhattan's coal holdings in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Plans have been announced for Russian Railways to support the construction of a rail line in East Kalimantan for the transport of coal.
A consortium of Chinese companies will start construction of a coal-fired power plant in the village of Buntoi, Central Kalimantan to cost around US$ 73 million and Rp 535.
Cesard, Nicolas, 2007, A Sociohistorical transition: Trade in forest products and bride-price among the Punan Tubu of Eastern Kalimantan.