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a type of submachine gun made in Russia

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The rifle was created by Lt-General Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Second World War after he was shot by German soldiers and has become one of the most popular guns because of its reliability and simplicity.
A GROUP of peace campaigners smashed a pile of fake Kalashnikovs in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral to highlight a campaign for tighter gun controls.
During the Gulf War, there were numerous stories of British troops swapping SA80s for captured Russian-designed Kalashnikovs.
In Germany to open an exhibition about the submachine gun, Kalashnikov is said to have come up with the idea for it while in hospital recovering from shellshock in 1941.
Russian manufacturers present included several ammunition and small arms producers, such as Vyatskie Polyany Machine Building Plant (MOLOT), IZHMECH, maker of the Makarov pistol, and IZHMASH, home to Kalashnikov weapons.
Both of these Kalashnikov rifles feature a short locking assembly and balanced bolt to ensure trouble free operation even in the most extreme conditions Each gun has a high- tech polymer coating to resist wear and corrosion Chambered in 7.
Designed by a wounded, self-trained 23-year-old sergeant, Mikhail Kalashnikov, the AK-47 went into production in 1949.
Kalashnikov was a short and cheery technical sergeant on convalescent leave from the Red Army in the waning days of World War II when he began tinkering with a design for an automatic assault rifle.
During body search, the DSP said one Kalashnikov and 7kg hashish were recovered from Shahoo.
Russian concern Kalashnikov, an associate of Rostec, is establishing a provider of a range of services in the unmanned aircraft market segment.
A quantity of weapons, including 24 Sam-7 missiles, 2 rocket-launchers Sam-7, 3 rocket-launchers RPG, 25 RPG rockets, 27 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 12, were seized, it added.
One of the snatchers and proclaimed offender Usman Munawar was arrested along with Kalashnikov while snatcher Sher Zaman managed to escape from the raid claims Police.
Russian manufacturing company Concern Kalashnikov produces assault and sniper rifles, including the famous AK-47, which is dubbed as the world's favorite killing machine.
Police also claimed that they have recovered five Kalashnikov rifles, magazines, tear gas gun, alcohol bottle and 50 slaughtered partridges from PTI leader and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Minister Amin Gandapur's car near Bani Gala.
A Belgian shopping centre was evacuated on Saturday after three masked robbers, armed with at least one Kalashnikov rifle, burst into a jewellery store in Chatelineau, 50km south of Brussels, police said.