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a member of the North American Indian people of Oregon

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Sargent is one of 40 students at Kalapuya High School who will earn a diploma tonight - the highest number of students graduating since the school opened 13 years ago.
Principal Stefan Aumack said when students enroll at Kalapuya, teachers and staff try to immediately introduce them to some kind of college major or career that might interest them.
A $47,000 Bureau of Land Management grant will provide experiential education and work study opportunities for Kalapuya High School students in the Bethel School District for the next two summers.
The BLM grant will also support academic field studies for close to 60 Kalapuya students during the upcoming school year.
Austin is not the only one among his peers at Kalapuya who is making gains.
Stutzman will offer a Kalapuya welcome at Saturday's gathering, as well as performing with a Native American musical group called Splach[sup.
Over thousands of years of Kalapuya presence, this was a different river, braided with a complex of silver-blue side channels where a canoe could drift, as well as strong central currents to carry boats fast and far.
Storyteller Esther Stutzman and folklorist Lyle Murphy present "Traditional Kalapuya Story Telling" from Kalapuya oral histories from 7 p.
The new spans formally are called the Whilamut Passage Bridge, a tribute to the Kalapuya natives that lived in the Lane County area prior to the arrival of white settlers.
The Whilamut Natural Area was established and local people worked with Kalapuya elder Esther Stutzman to place 11 talking stones, each incised with a Kalapuya word of natural things in our traditional landscape - a camas field, a fish trap.
In Bethel in west Eugene, the district has reduced enrollment at its alternative high school Kalapuya, an effort that gives remaining Kalapuya students a broader range of classes, said director of instruction Drew Braun.
The Applegates, he said, are a special case because of the family's longtime relationship with the Kalapuya Kommema, the Yoncalla band of Kalapuya.
Storyteller Esther Stutzman of Yoncalla will tell traditional tales from the Coos and Kalapuya tribes at the Springfield Public Library at 4 p.
3, 2012): Local Kalapuya Indians were moved from Lane County to the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation near the Coast Range by the state treaties of 1855.
The organization includes the Kalapuya people who made their permanent homes in the Willamette Valley for thousands of years, numbering about 15,000 people at the time white settlement began.