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a member of the North American Indian people of Oregon

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Hudson's Kalapuya story "Coyote takes water from the frog people," reprinted here as changed by Lopez, comes out like this:
Notice that he employs a traditional Kalapuya pattern of grouping lines or actions into sets of three or five.
Inside each building, exhibits share the history of the mission started by Jason Lee, the mission families, the Kalapuya, the Oregon Trail, as well as early industry and agriculture in the area.
The design was a reference to the Kalapuya people, who are indigenous to the land now known as the Willamette Valley.
This area travels through the Whilamut Natural Area, and that's an area that has been sort of designated as a natural area but also as a way to promote and maybe remember (the) Kalapuya peoples' presence and native people in general," Stroich said.
The human traces belong to the Kalapuya, a group of Native Americans who had a network of villages from Oregon Falls to the Umpqua River.
According to a Facebook page that appears to belong to Johnson, he went to Kalapuya High School and Willamette High School before studying at Lane Community College.
A recent Kalapuya High School graduate is now an inmate in the Lane County Jail after allegedly shooting at two people two weeks apart, including at a 27-year-old man on Waite Street in west Eugene last week who was taken to the hospital for a bullet wound to the shoulder.
Christina Knight's photography will be at Delight, and Kalapuya Books will feature Amanda Wilcox's paintings and student work from Lane Community College's ceramics program.
About 25 Kalapuya High School students, district employees, school board members and other volunteers gathered at the soon-to-be barn, currently only a frame, on Thursday morning to say a few words before digging into their work.
Students at Kalapuya High School, Smalling and Harvey teamed up to design and develop the most efficient wind turbine and outpointed all other competitors.
Rich Dambrov, a high school teacher in the Bethel School District, took the workshop in November 2013, and has used techniques to decrease water usage at Kalapuya High School's garden.
At one point during the walk, Niedeck stopped at one of the park's Kalapuya Talking Stones, which was inscribed with the word Camafeema, meaning "ferns on the ground" in the Kalapuya language.
17 to 20, and its purpose will be making a movie with Kalapuya elders Esther and Shannin Stutzman, transforming a story into film with original music.
Sargent fell behind and landed at Kalapuya High School, an alternative school in west Eugene's Bethel School District, off Terry Street.