Kalahari Desert

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FOLLOWING her time with the Ju'/Hoansi tribe of the Kalahari desert, in Africa, Dionne has been inspired to return to Africa to give something back.
Standing tall at on only one foot high, the meerkat is a small member of the mongoose family that thrives in one of the driest places on Earth - the Kalahari Desert.
The Okovango Delta is a vast expanse of wetlands in the heart of the Kalahari desert of south-west Africa The Okovango River has its origins in the highlands of Angola from where it descends to the near-desert of northern Botswana where it fans out as the world's largest inland delta.
Kung San of southern Africa's Kalahari Desert, face seasonal and yearly fluctuations in food sources.
David Livingstone, a Scottish physician and hopeless boat-camper, portaged across Africa's Kalahari Desert, discovering the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls for the Western world.
You can explore a variety of landscapes from the Kalahari Desert - the largest stretch of sand in the world - to the permanent wetlands of the Okavango Delta.
He said: "A couple of years ago I coached Namibia during the World Cup and I've played in hot climates before, so I don't think the heat will be a major issue "While I was out there I spent some time exploring the Kalahari desert, trekking up some of the biggest sand dunes in the world.
Kalahari Desert, under Patrick Cosgrave, gave the new trainer at the Al Asayl Stables a smart win in the UAE-bred maiden for colts and geldings.
The project which is located in the Kalahari Desert close to the town of Kathu and to Sishen, is also partly owned by Italian group Building Energy.
The Kalahari desert looks fantastic and at times the action is edgeof-the-seat thrilling.
Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), also known as "grapple plant" because of its claw-like dried seed pods, is an herb from the Kalahari desert region of southwestern Africa.
Believed to originate in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, watermelon has been harvested for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest fruits known to mankind.
The Kathu PV power plant is located in the Kalahari Desert close Sishen, one of the world s largest open-pit iron ore mines, and is among the first projects to be awarded as part of South Africa s renewable energy program.
Subtitled Encounters with Wonders of the Nature World, it is a personal account of his young daughter Hermione's induction into the wildlife world of her father around the home and as far afield as Shetland and Dorset, Norway and Svalbard and the Kalahari desert in Botswana.