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In 1984, just a few days after the South African government raids in Gaborone, Kalahari Band left for Europe on tour for Techno Bush album.
Kalahari GeoEnergy selected California-based Geologica Geothermal Group to carry out the study, which will provide technical and environmental analyses needed to advance the project.
Established in 2013, Kalahari Management Company is a privately owned, value-oriented hospitality management firm that operates in conjunction with existing and emerging properties to deliver an unparalleled guest experience.
A wealth of factual information about the Kalahari is woven skillfully into the body of the narrative, grounding the story in reality despite the element of the mysterious virus.
While some Kalahari live and work on the 32 islands that are still considered part of the Kalahari kingdom, Buguma being their cultural capital, others stay in the major Niger delta city of Port Harcourt, a motor-launch ride of one-half to an hour away.
Kalagadi Manganese engages in the exploration and production of manganese in the Kalahari Manganese basin in South Africa.
KALAHARI KING, in the money at four Cheltenham Festivals but without a win for more than two years, has been retired.
GRUELLING: where the SUPER-FIT Teesside work colleagues are stepping up their preparations for a gruelling run in the Kalahari desert.
The new model is an extension of the Kalahari model launched in 2010.
Full Spectrum of NY and My Image Studios have closed on financing to begin construction of an African and Hispanic arts and culture center on the ground floor of the Kalahari Condominium at 40 West 116th Street, Malcolm X Boulevard and Fifth Avenue, Crain's reported.
Kalahari Resorts, a US-based company that operates authentic African-themed resorts and indoor water parks, has announced summer bargains.
KALAHARI KING can deny Albertas Run a second double-double in the John Smith's Melling Chase (3.
KELSO stages its third meeting of the season on Saturday with Kalahari King and Merigo heading some strong entries.
Wind and solar are fast becoming the leading sources of renewable energy, which puts Kalahari Greentech in the right place at the right time.
Besides providing a comprehensive look at the site's past, the book also introduces readers to the present-day inhabitants of the Tsodilo area and to the beauties of the Kalahari.