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a Japanese (paper or silk) wall hanging

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This consultation is aimed at the realization of event signage, institutional and / or batimentaire for the needs of the year 2016 This consultation is broken into three lots: - Lot o 1: arrowings Realization, banners, roll~up / kakemonos, inaugural plaques, etc.
Main features: Lot 1 - graphical update and progress report of layout 2014-2015Lot 2 - Graphic updating and implementation platelet page, cartonneesLot of brochures and folders 3 - graphic card update and layout and affichesLot of 4 - setting kakemonos page and bachesLot 5 - printing activity report Lot 6 - printing pads, brochures, cards, posters, shirts and cardboard cards - printing and manufacturing 7 chevaletsLot calendars with printing and production of hanging banners and tarpaulins
The contract for the purchase of printed event materials kakemonos type tent fabric.
Lot No 2 large format printing (tarpaulins, kakemonos.
The benefits are for printing, the supply of paper (or other medium), shaping, packaging and delivery of various types of products mainly include: stitched booklets, perfect bound; leaflets, invitations, ticket books, postcards, posters in small and large sizes, leaflets, fact sheets, reports wire~o binding, blocks glued of copying sets, supports Sheet: baches PVC banners, totems, kakemonos textile panels on rigid substrates such as PVC, aluminum, papers, stationery: business cards and correspondence, letter heads, envelopes.
Is this a market consisting of five lots, the minimum amounts and annual maximums set are Lot 1: Production of Municipal Information newspapers Vitry Monthly and Vitry HebdoLot 2: Poster-making size 120 x176,Lot # 3: large format printing (tarpaulins, kakemonos.
It consists of 2 lots which relate to the following benefits Lot 3: Kakemonos, banners, banners, stickers, decals, lettering, rigid or flexible panels in various media;Lot 4: Plans and technical issues.