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a Japanese (paper or silk) wall hanging

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Afincado en Barcelona, uno de los centros mas importantes del Japonismo artistico de nuestro pais, Opisso destaco el influjo del arte nipon: "Sabido es que el arte japones ha influido de tal manera en Europa, que no solamente se han introducido aqui gran numero de muebles de aquel pais, -y con muebles los tan conocidos kakemonos, abanicos, linternas, etc.
Displays / poster, pamphlet, bookmark, postcard / map com / flyer, pouch, insertion press, faade covering, covering grid / outdoor kakemono, internet banner, flash animation, decal / sticker, table set, display panel, partition dressing lettering cartel / signage panel, folder / booklet, booklet / tour guide, mediation tools and newspaper "Forum map".
Design and production of graphic services for the publications and communication supports of the dgs and the dgos: - creation and update of models - execution of models - editorial secretariat - realization of kakemonos - creation and realization of visual identities, of signatures, logos, graphic charters and their graphic declination - production of graphics based on numerical data - design and production of computer graphics - design, production and updating of vector illustrations - production of vignettes, images of images coverage and animated gifs for social networks and websites.
this service mainly concerns external communication media (non-exhaustive list), but may also concern indoor communication media, such as: kakemonos, banners, tarpaulins, adhesives (public reception, panels, .
the range of the main interior design elements consists of: gondolas, standard cabinets, wall-mounted posters, pmr (people with reduced mobility) tablets, kakemonos, metal skirts with showcases, desks, armchairs work, customer advice furniture, window elements, countertops, wall-mounted signage, ceiling signage, - the after-sales service of the installed elements, - monitoring the project and providing online reporting.
the creation of posters, Kakemonos, Tarpaulins, Exhibition boards, Information totem, Stand, Umbrella .
In order to highlight the actions carried out on the departmental territory, The department diversifies the means of communication and realizes in particular media of event or information communication: Kakemonos, Tarpaulins, Panels.
Contract notice: Printing of communication media: Kakemonos, stands.
17 public bus shelters with advertising, 2 double bus shelters with advertising, 49 information modules 2 m 2 with advertising and municipal sides, 2 information modules 8 square meters with advertising and municipal sides, 4 digital non advertising for associative displays, 3 Information kiosks without advertising, 11 kats for kakemonos without advertising, 5 temporary mobile devices without advertising.
This consultation concerns the execution of communication services, based on the following items: - strategic and creative advice, - image and publishing (visual identity, pictotheque, press announcements, posters, flyers, kakemonos, postcards, Invitations, stickers, banners, pamphlets, brochures, static computer graphics, writing .
Lot 1 deals with the design, manufacture and delivery of standard event communication media: Banners and banners, Feathers / Oriflammes, Kakemonos reels, Expand / Umbrella stands, Tarpaulins.
The purpose of the consultation is to create, manufacture, print and supply kakemonos, tarpaulins, banners, drops, backgrounds, stage pieces for the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea MEEM) and the Ministry of Housing and Sustainable Housing (MLHD).
leaflets - invitations - posters in small and large format- stationery documents: business cards, correspondence, letter-heads and banners kakemonos textile or canvas PVC-panels on PVC-Akylux of small and large formats- Presentation Folders