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grandson of Queen Victoria and Kaiser of Germany from 1888 to 1918

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Kaiser Bill and Little Willie in pictures, 7,000 word sagas about Varsity men at the Front.
Nye, there's one thing we don't need in Ireland, and that's the glorification of masked men waving offensive weapons about on stage,'' he told the crowd at the annual commemoration of Seamus O'Slaughter (an IRA man rivalled in numbers only by Kaiser Bill when it comes to responsibility for the violent deaths of Ulster protestants).
Figures such as John Bull or Kaiser Bill become metonymies when they represent nations; emblems such as the British Lion or the German Eagle provide rich sources for the use of discourse spoken by commentators to express invective or ridicule.
There was Kaiser Bill who had an uncanny resemblance to the German Emperor of the First World War.
Wallot's building was never in the first rank of nineteenth-century parliaments, and though Kaiser Bill hated it,(22) it turned out to be the almost definitive exemplar of Wilhelmine architecture - that pompous blend of neo Baroque and neo Renaissance which stamped its way over central Europe between 1871 and 1914.
THE World War One fighting men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment will live again in a living history, interactive museum event in Birmingham The sound of hobnailed boots will ring around the halls and galleries of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as men from the regiment visit the city in search of new recruits to swell the ranks in the fight against Kaiser Bill.
However, there is also the much larger but lower grade Kaiser Bill resource containing 126,000t of copper metal, which represents a very interesting longer term exploration and development opportunity.
Just suppose that Kaiser Bill and Adolf Hitler had never existed, and the millions of men and women who died because of their wars hadn't died but lived the normal life span and had procreated in line with the normal course of events.
Berlin is the city of Kaiser Bill and the First World War; Sally Bowles and Cabaret; Hitler, the Nazis and the Second World War; East, West, communism, capitalism, the Cold War, and the dividing Wall.
Towards the end of the First World War, Kaiser Bill was here and it was in this chateau that he signed his abdication and fled.
Peak Frean's even produced Grand Fleet Biscuits in tins with great grey battleships like HMS Colossus steaming across the lid, telling Kaiser Bill just what he'd be up against.
Finish off with Kaiserschmaren (apple slices and ice cream), a firm favourite of Kaiser Bill, apparently.
WHEN Kaiser Bill sent four warships to the North Sea to bombard the coastal towns of Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool, the 14-year-old boy realised that this war was serious.
We now know - and have done since 1928 - that Kaiser Bill never actually called the BEF 'contemptible' at all.
Cyn cyrraedd Dubrovnik yr oeddym wedi treulio diwrnod ar ynys Corfu a chael cyfle i fynd o gwmpas Palas Achilles a godwyd gan Elizabeth, Ymerodres Awstria, a lle y treuliodd Kaiser Bill ei flynyddoedd olaf wedi tanchwa'r Rhyfel Mawr.