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the title of the Holy Roman Emperors or the emperors of Austria or of Germany until 1918

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Wong was forced to resign from his job at Kaiser Permanente amid allegations that he improperly used his employer's money to sponsor campaign fundraisers and to give politicians gifts.
AGENCY: Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications, Naperville, IL--Kim Cooke
Kaiser had a vested interest in providing health-care coverage to those in need.
On the day he started work, the first newspaper he picked up had the cheering headline, "Chaos Reigns as Kaiser Enters Opera House.
The multitude of steps Kaiser Permanente takes to protect patients/staff from HIV transmission, including adherence to Universal Precautions, a strict set of guidelines requiring all health provides who come in contact with patients' body fluids to wear gowns, gloves, masks and goggles;
Kaiser believes that HMOs will take some of the early, most creative steps to the solution of what he calls the "social pathology" problem.
Setting the right tone, or corporate culture, is one of management's most important functions, according to Kaiser.
For example, Kaiser Permanente's Southern California Region was top rated for breast cancer screening -- providing mammograms to 84 percent of its female members between the ages of 52 and 69.
Jim Haist, Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications
Aggressive contracting'' by health plans has led to underfunded insurance contracts with Kaiser and High Desert Medical Group, and the consultant urged the hospital to take a strong stance in negotiations with other groups, the report said.
At press time Kaiser explained, "It's premature to state specific plans.
Sherber, a cardiologist who was an outside consultant, not a Kaiser staff member, was brought in to examine Mr.
LOS ANGELES -- Today, Kaiser Permanente's surgical team successfully repaired the cleft palate of Madelein Cordova Dubon, a 2-year old Honduran child, brought to Los Angeles by Operation Smile.
WOODLAND HILLS - The ``clinic assistant'' designation on Ricardo Gonzalez's name tag will soon be replaced by ``licensed vocational nurse,'' a change that could net the Kaiser Permanente employee an additional $3 an hour.
For PB these days, the skies are also relatively calm, but artistic director Roy Kaiser still recalls one day in 1982 when storm clouds had gathered: "The company folded.