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an island of south-central Hawaii

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fee simple absolute title to the Island of Kahoolawe, the maintenance of
2002) reported satellite tracking of four white sharks from central California to the subtropical eastern Pacific, one of which traveled 3,800 km to the western coast of Kahoolawe, Hawaii.
It's situated on the rolling green of the Wailea Golf Club, below the dormant volcano Haleakala, with a view of the ocean and Kahoolawe and Lanai islands.
Hawaii consists of eight major islands: Niihau,Kauai, O'ahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Hawaii (The Big Island) and Kahoolawe.
Composed of 137 scattered islands and islets, the Hawaiian archipelago has eight major islands: Hawaii, or the Big Island; Maui; Kahoolawe (which is now being reclaimed by Hawaiian activists); Lanai; Molokai; Oahu, featuring the capital city of Honolulu; Kauai, home of "the wettest spot on earth," Mount Waialeale (450 inches of rain a year
Appendix H in Kahoolawe Excavations, 1982-83 Data Recovery Project, Island of Kahoolawe, Hawaii, by P.
Answers: Kauai - 14, Niihau - 10, Oahu - 11, Molokai - 12, Lanai - 15, Maui - 17, Kahoolawe - 14, Hawaii - 13.
From where I stood, I could see Maui, its hills springing up like green churches, and the purple and battered elbow of Kahoolawe, which the U.
In Hawaii on the island of Molokai when the native people could no longer devise any strategy to prevent the Navy from bombing the neighboring island, Kahoolawe, which had great religious significance, some men, including my companero, Emmett Aluli paddled out to the bombing site even as the planes took off and prepared to stand where many could not and physically try to stop the bombing.
The Second Circuit includes the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Molokini;
It has used the sacred isle of Kahoolawe as a bomb target, operates Pearl Harbor as a nuclear submarine and storage port and lobs missiles from its "Star Wars" facility at Barking Sands, Kauai, into a lagoon at Kwajalein.
This latter category is consistently divided into sections about language, folklore, religion, family life, interpersonal relations, clothing, diet, rites of passage, living conditions, social problems, and cultural heritage The depth of coverage is impressive in both segments I haven't seen any other sources that would have described the emblems of the eight major islands of the state of Hawaii (although Kahoolawe is misspelled as Kalhoolawe).
Eight major islands make up Hawaii - Oahu, Maui, The Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe.
The chain is broken into two groups: the Northwestern Hawaiian islands, running from the oldest, Kure, in the northwest, to Nihoa; and the eight main Hawaiian islands, from the oldest, Niihau and Kauai, through Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Lanai, and Kahoolawe, to the youngest island in the southeast, the island of Hawaii itself.