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United States architect (born in Estonia) (1901-1974)

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Judge Allen's actions of writing and releasing his concurring opinion was not only harmful to Judge Kahn because it accused him of corruption based on unverified facts, but it was also harmful to the integrity of the First District," the justices agreed.
Kahn is correct to point out the ineptitude with which rational choice thinkers try to make sense of morality or even the concept of war, which cannot be explained by cost/benefit analysis but essentially involves the idea of sacrifice.
As it happens, the ceremony at which Kahn will learn whether he's an Oscar winner occurs in Hollywood the day after Fleisher is scheduled to appear at UCLA's Schoenberg Hall in an all-Schubert recital with violinist Jaime Laredo, his longtime friend.
Kahn has extensive experience in property sales and development.
Played by Kahn with the self-styled dorkiness of a Carol Burnett character, Lois brings to mind artist Michael Smith's "Mike.
In the SEC filing, May said the agreement with Kahn "is the result of negotiations between the executive compensation and development committee of the company's board of directors and Mr.
Kahn designed vast factories for Ford, originally for the manufacture of the ubiquitous Model-T, characterised by steel-trussed, saw-blade top-lit roofs, vast horizontal windows determined by the structural grid of the buildings and by tall chimney stacks.
Jens Lehmann and Oliver Kahn have become as big enemies as Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira as they have battled it out to become Germany's first choice keeper.
In Protecting Your Library's Digital Sources: The Essential Guide to Planning and Preservation, Miriam Kahn makes a useful effort to address the third reason for the obsolescence of disaster plans--failure to update plans so that they deal with digital as well as more traditional media.
95--Professor Kahn says that Plato and the Socratic Dialogue "presents a new paradigm for the interpretation of Plato's early and middle dialogues as a unified literary project, displaying an artistic plan for the expression of a unified world view" (p.
Does Kahn fulfill her "central claim" that "Shakespeare's Roman works articulate a critique of the ideology of gender on which the Renaissance understanding of Rome was based" (1)?
Author of the preeminent textbook on economic regulation and professor emeritus from Cornell, Kahn served his country with distinction as chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board.
Best known nationwide as an accomplished singer, songwriter, and recording artist in the political folk tradition, Si Kahn is also a community organizer.
Kahn and his colleagues used 17 men ranging in age from 22 to 32.
Kahn and Superior Automotive Group, LLC (SAG) charges Nissan with destroying his business, which by 2007 had become the 73rd largest auto dealership group in the United States generating more than $500 million in revenues and employing approximately 800 people.