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United States architect (born in Estonia) (1901-1974)

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Kahn was among 12 local New York City business leaders honored during "National Small Business Week" at a ceremony held at 26 Federal Plaza.
Kahn has seen a large number of veterans who have taken the public speaking class.
Kahn says that with wide body Defender one would experience the adventure and also with refinement which is much enhanced over previous Defenders thanks to an excellent styling package.
Herbarium specimen -- Kahn 1839-40, 1933-34, 2031, 4476, Millan & Kahn 629, 636-37, 1483-84, 1679, 1681A, 1683, 1683A, Millan et al.
Kahn was first recognized as a nuclear strategy theorist and later expanded his interest into the broader issues of public policy as a futurist.
Solomon traces the Mikveh Israel project in detail, showing how Kahn struggled to understand the nuances of elements such as the ark and the bimah while responding to a program that constantly changed, a budget that never materialized, and a site on the planned Independence Mall that was fraught with multiple meanings.
Judge Allen's actions of writing and releasing his concurring opinion was not only harmful to Judge Kahn because it accused him of corruption based on unverified facts, but it was also harmful to the integrity of the First District," the justices agreed.
In his desire to establish a dynamic understanding of the intellectual context of Pushkin's lyric poetry, Kahn draws on findings and interpretations included in the studies of Boris Gasparov, Oleg Proskurin, Stephanie Sandler, Monika Greenleaf, and David Bethea.
Kahn Travel Communications and its founder, journalist and marketing exec Richard S.
Paul Kahn accuses modern society of failing to understand evil.
Don't taste that," Jordan Kahn warned, pointing to his pear-and-mushroom dessert.
Moviegoers know Nathaniel Kahn, the son of visionary architect Louis I.
Lois was born in 2002 when the artists, studying at Bard College in upstate New York (where they both received MFAs in 2003), heard Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" on the radio one afternoon; it triggered a sudden shared vision of Kahn dancing to the song with unabashed glee in her own music video.
In Kahn, the decedent died owning two IRAs that had not been distributed to her before her death.