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Czech novelist who wrote in German about a nightmarish world of isolated and troubled individuals (1883-1924)


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Message Hub offers the choice of using a REST or Apache Kafka API to communicate with other applications, and builds on Kafka, a fast, scalable and durable real-time messaging engine developed for the Apache Software Foundation, to bring this popular open source messaging offering to the Bluemix platform in the form of a service.
First, death refers to empirical fact and its hermeneutical implications--for instance, Franz Kafka is not present to verify or contest a contemporary interpretation of his fiction.
A city of contradiction, Prague is simultaneously warm and stern, soft and severe, no doubt leading Kafka to write, "Prague never lets you go .
After completing his elementary and secondary studies, Kafka studied law in 1901 and obtained his doctoral degree in 1906.
The author focuses on four important Kafka translators, integrating biographical context into the work of each translator in an effort to demonstrate the translator as an "embodied agent" participating in a process of "rewritings" that present a new take on the issue of translation itself.
Kafka, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Boston, and an authority on hypersexual disorder (HD).
Chez Kafka, l'acte d'ecrire et le parcours existentiel ne sont pas deux destins paralleles, mais
It is clear that Sid's sense of style reflects that of Kafka as most of the items he owns are structured pieces with a premium price tag.
The Czech cartoonist's obsession with Kafka was in full view at the Anthropologie Art Gallery in Zamalek.
The works he saved and edited made Kafka the most important literary figure of the middle of the 20th century W.
That he claims the writer Franz Kafka as his companion will intrigue some and sound alarm bells for those who like things straightforward.
Summary: CAIRO - Under the slogan of 'A new vision for the active partnership between Egypt and the Czech Republic', the IYDA (Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association) hosted Czech Ambassador to Egypt Pavel Kafka.
Beebee and provides a novel based on the Kafka tradition.
Summary: Le ministre de l'Industrie et du Commerce exterieur, Dr Mahmoud Issa, s'est entretenu avec l'ambassadeur de la Republique tcheque au Caire, Pavel Kafka, sur les moyens de dynamiser les relations economiques et commerciales entre les deux pays.
Adapting Kafka for cinema is a complicated and improbable venture--a bit like Fitzcarraldo's romantic dream of building an opera house in the Amazon jungle.