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widely cultivated plant having a large fleshy edible white or yellow root

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Kabu Coffee was established a year ahead of METAD to retail high quality roasted coffee for both local and export markets.
In addition to the US$ 80 million line of credit for the important Kabu hydroelectric project currently under operation, we have agreed to extend a new line of credit worth over US$ 40 million to Burundi for a farm mechanization and food processing project," he added.
What I'm aiming for is not rarity - it's quality," he said as he chopped off slices of kabu turnip with a machete, handing them over to taste.
TORA Crosspoint comprises Tora's internal liquidity and flow from a number of external partners including Credit Suisse's Crossfinder, Bank of America Merrill Lynch's MLXN, SBI Japannext, Kabu.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 13, 2010--JCR keeps kabu.
QUETTA, July 14 -- A Frontier Corps (FC) personnel and a local were killed as an FC party tried to rescue abducted personnel in Kabu area of Kalat district on Tuesday.
Toyota gave the impression that it was not serious enough about the issue or taking the US market too lightly when it said Toyoda had no imminent plans to travel to the US,' said kabu.
The shortlist for this year also included: The End of Skill by Mamle Kabu from Ghana; You Wreck Her by Parselelo Kantai from Kenya; Icebergs by Alistair Morgan from South Africa; and How Kamau wa Mwangi Escaped into Exile by Mukoma wa Ngugi from Kenya.
Another interesting act is the collaborative effort by Finland's genre-hopping multiinstrumentalist Jimi Tenor and the West African band Kabu Kabu on July 8.
He has been poisoning the river and the boy Kabu has to collect some blossoms from a special tree to make things right, as well as have some kung fu-styled fights with the emperor.
Egyptian emerald mining occurred not only in Wadi Sikait but also at several other sites within 15 km of this valley, including Gebel Zabara to the northwest, Wadi Nugrus and Wadi Abu Rusheid to the west, Wadi Umm Kabu and Wadi Umm Debaa to the southeast, and Wadi Gimal to the southwest.
Customers of SG Online, which started operating in February, will be able to transfer their accounts to kabu.
Wit Capital said it will concentrate on investment banking after the new company, kabu.
Father Patrick Kabu, a Liberian priest, was locked in a room in Monrovia's Catholic cathedral by armed fighters who then set the building on fire.
He is responsible for investments in Clearwire, eDreams, Fortinet, kabu.