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cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables

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Founded by a group of four young friends, including CEO Julian Kabab, the team has quickly grown to 12 full-time members in the past six months, working to develop new fun and interactive ways to share and enjoy the best memories between close groups of friends.
Served in a rooftop restaurant together with a Mc Donald like take-away in the Kapurthala complex, the kabab have evolved from the streets of Lucknow.
One such hidden gem waiting to be discovered is Kabab Kolony.
Chef Atul Nautiyal and his culinary team will prepare the menu at Bundoo Khan Express such as chicken seekh kabab, malai boti, chicken tikka, chicken boti, behari boti, char grill prawns, Afghani boti, chapli kebabs including biryanis and non-vegetarian and vegetarian specialties.
We started off with Hara Bhara kabab with green chilli and mint sauce and vegetable cutlets.
Gyanu Gautam, 21, Sonu Kumar, 22, and Muhammad Ejaz, 26, had just finished work and were sitting on a ledge outside Al Barsha restaurant Kabab Rolls when the Mercedes S500 sped out of control and hit them.
I know that many are happy with the lifting of the ban, not just us fishermen, as special Ramadan meals like shrimp kabab and spring rolls can be now made with fresh meat rather than frozen," he said.
Bites Fil Beit: Kabab bel mokasarat we nana -- Meat with nuts and mint
Iran is the current featured country and the menu includes fesenjoon, kabab kubideh and ghormeh sabzi, as well as other dishes.
Hummus, Lahma, Beef Kabab, Grilled Chicken just a sampling.
Main courses include Birbal Pasand Mahi Tikke - hammour fish tikka marinated in mustard, herbs and spices; Sekhi Darbar Boti Kabab - one of the restaurant's signature dishes of mutton with an exotic marinade; Zinga Masala - shrimp cooked Goan style in a tangy spicy sauce; and Murg Patiala - boneless chicken cooked in a nutty sauce with melon
The brands in our portfolio in the form of Papa John's Pizza, Chili's Grill and Bar and The Great Kabab Factory have what it takes to be formidable players in the pizza and casual dining segments in India and TVS Capital's investment is very timely in terms of allowing us to capture the growing momentum in these segments.
The new hotel has been developed by Bestech Group and offers 201 guestrooms; 38,000sqm of meeting space; all-day dining at The Creative Kitchen; and speciality dining at The Great Kabab Factory and Cakewalk.
Munro has brought me to the Shahi Nan Kabab, on the Stratford Road, because he wants to give me an authentic taste of the culinary dish that has dominated his life.
Other items available under the Al Safa banner range from Beef Frankfurters and Beef Chappli Kabab to Veggie Samosa and Deluxe Pizza.