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(Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine

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Tribal histories in this region matter, and this port was established by Ghaith ibn Kaab, of the Kaab tribe, likely in the 10th century.
El desplazamiento de centimetrico a metrico de los glaciares rocosos y el desarrollo de surcos y arcos que expresan en superficie el flujo de la masa de clastos congelada puede ser interpretada como procesos de reptacion, donde la gelifluxion es el proceso prioritario, o procesos termicos con fusiones diferenciales y levantamientos por helada y termokarst, con emergencias, compresiones y adelgazamientos de la masa, que generan su desplazamiento (Whalley y Martin, 1992; Whalley y Azzizi, 1995; Frauenfelder y Kaab, 2000; Kaab y Weber, 2004; Harris y Murton, 2005; Haeberli et al.
Two Jewish scholars in Yathrib, Kaab and Assad by name, hearing of their enemy's misfortune, called on the king in his camp, and used their knowledge of medicine to restore him to health.
Not only eating but issues of medicines and beverages are required to be addressed when it comes to Halal Food,' Imam e Kaab said.
Partenheimer A, Gosling T, Muller M, Schirmer C, Kaab M, Matschke S, Ryf C, Renner N, Wiebking U, Krettek C Management of bicondylar fractures of the tibial plateau with unilateral fixed-angle plate fixation Unfallchirurg.
Al-Nuaimi presented the shield of excellence to Hamad Town Boys' Secondary School, Ghazi Algosaibi Girls' Secondary School, Jidhafs Girls' Secondary School, Khawla Girls' Secondary School, Om Salama Intermediate Girls' School, Kairouan Intermediate Girls' Intermediate School, Zallaq Primary-Intermediate Girls' School, Budaiya Primary-Intermediate Girls' School, Mariam bin Omran Primary Girls' School, Naseeba bint Kaab Girls' Primary Girls' School, Al-Safa Primary Girls' School, Peal of the Gulf School, Al-Eman School and Al-Amal Special Education Institute.
Zainab Fadhel from Musaiba bint Kaab School came top in the first group, followed by Khawthar Yasser from Al Quds School in second and Zahra Saleh from Al Daih School in third.
Musallahs: Ajman grand Mussalah, Kaab bin Ajza, Hajir Hajji, Khalifa hospital, Ittihad , Shaikh Humaid bin Rashid, Ahmed bin Hanbal Musalla, Masfout, Muzari, Subaiga, Khanfaria and Al Manama Musallas
While recent research has in fact shown that the majority of Himalayan glaciers are melting and at a rate on par with glaciers around the world (Fujita and Nuimura 2011; Kaab et al.
They also visited the Quba Mosque, the Qiblatain Mosque, the Seven Mosques, the Uhad Mountain, the Urwah bin Zubair Palace, the Urwa Well and the Kaab bin Al-Ashraf Fort in addition to many other ancient sites related to the early Islamic history, the Saudi Press Agency reported yesterday.
It is also reported on the authority of Ubayy Ibn Kaab that the Prophet (PBUH) said, Allah did not reveal in the Torah, nor Injil, the like of Umm Al-Quran, and these seven oft-repeated verses, and it is (the one about which Allah said), It is divided between Me and My servant and for My servant whatever he asks.
Kaab S, Darbar D, van Noord C, Dupuis J, Pfeufer A, Newton-Cheh C, et al.
3) The "cicada" soul (nbau kang kr'or ndzue-npauj kaab qhov ntxwv) should stick to the body as cicadas do to their tree.
As the injured and the dead were being taken to hospitals, we followed them," Adel Kaab, an Iranian student of Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce said.
The Fatah supporters, Maxim Kaab and Khodr Mansour were both wounded.