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(Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine

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And now, the Ka'bah itself has shrunk into insignificance beneath the Cyclopean Abraj al-Bait (aka the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, 1,972 feet tall), with its shopping mall, 900 private apartments, and a knock-off of Big Ben.
First, the word prayer in English indicates du a' or invocation, a common definition of salah in Arabic as in [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "Your invocations are a source of security for them" (Al-Hilali & Khan, 1999, At-Taubah, 103), rather than a mandatory form of physical, mental and spiritual worship; second, the word pilgrimage, meaning a journey to a place which is considered special, and which one visits to show respect, does not necessarily mean the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca; and finally, using the House for the Ka'bah or AlMasjid Al-Haram lacks the specificity of the Arabic, since house (generally, a dwelling or base for a particular activity), when capitalized can signify any number of eminent institutions such as the Stock Exchange, the Parliament, etc.
These all offices were belonged to Ka'bah where all Arabs took worship.
22) Also, by consideration of such points it becomes clearer what it means to call Imam Hussein the "Lord of Martyrs" (seyyedo al'shohada'), (23) as well as why for Shi'ites Karbala earth is considered higher than Ka'bah earth.
A single woman's advice rescued the Muslims when the Companions, may Allh be pleased with them, were on their way to the Ka'bah to perform their pilgrimage, but were stopped by the Quraysh, subsequent to which the Prophet, sallallhu 'alayhi wa sallam, had signed the Hudaybiyah treaty.
This means that Islam strongly rejects any idea and belief which views a number of Muslims and believers in Ka'bah and monotheism as people who are outside the circle of Islam.
The visual journey through history, Islamic faith, culture and art reminds viewers how the custom of draping the Ka'bah in Makkah originated in pre-Islamic times.
If a person declares that Allah is the Ultimate Authority in the universe, then His directions and orders should be followed not only in the month of Ramadan and in the masjid or within the boundaries of the Ka'bah, but even when a person is in the farthest corner of the world one should observe Allah's directions in one's personal life, in economic activities, social transactions, as well as in political decision making.
When the envoys returned to Mecca, they were laden with gifts of gold, five golden lamps for the Ka'bah, sandalwood, camphor and money to be donated to the poor in Mecca.
47) A black stone located in the eastern corner of the Ka'bah is said to have been delivered by an angel to Abraham as he built the Ka'bah on top of the base of the original temple built by Adam.
Pure and glorious Ka'bah, tawaf of bodies and hearts around a firm and eternal center, constant and regular efforts from a starting point to a destination, collective migration to the otherworldly arenas of Arafat and Mash'ar, and the atmosphere that imbues hearts with sincerity and liveliness in this great otherworldly arena, a collective rush to confront the symbol of satan, and participation of all people from different places and races in this ceremony which is full of secrets, meanings and signs of guidance: these are the unique characteristics of this significant obligation.
PILGRIMS KA'BAH: As congested as every year, lakh of pilgrims from all over the world leaving no space available, convened at Ka'bah for daily night prayer.
The index differentiates five bases each of prayer and scripture, six aspects of religious law, the role of Khadijah and A'ishah to the holy family, and the centrality of the hajj, Tawhid, Mecca, and Medina to the faithful but omits the Ka'bah and objections to translation.
Tawaf is making seven rounds around Al- Ka'bah, the House of Allah that Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail (peace be upon them both) built.
After walking into the haram (area surrounding the ka'bah in makah) and making du'aa in front of the ka'bah, I went towards the zamzam water coolers.