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(Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine

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But it forgets that empty stomachs need food and parched throats, water instead of ideology, Arranging for a water tanker for a locality that is going without water would have greater and more enduring impact on the people than the news that the Imam of Ka'ba led a prayer at Mansura.
A simple, almost reportage-like example can be found in the first cycle of Prophetic representations included in the Jami' al-tawarikb in an image depicting a youthful Muhammad before his mission, resolving a dispute between the different clans of Mecca about who would have the honor of replacing the Black Stone back in the Ka'ba.
They culminate in Muhammad's freeing the sanctuary of the Ka'ba in Mecca--founded and renovated by Abraham together with his first-born son Ishmael--from its polytheism and rededicating it to Allah, the one and only God.
There, as she reclined on a couch on an enclosed veranda, overlooking the Ka'ba and the sanctuary courtyard, she heard a man recite a poem on the life of the Prophet, and other voices rose, sending blessings upon the Prophet.
This incorporation of the Ka'ba and its associated rites into Islam, forced though it was on the prophet, was a political act, which once Mecca had formally submitted in 630 allowed it to draw on the developed institutional endowment, diplomatic expertise, and mercantile ingenuity of this well-established trading city.
Allameh Tabatabai in this regard has said, is named Balad al Amin because the security as the property is condiderd for shrine and did not considered elsewhere in the world, and this land is sacred land that Ka'ba is located there [13].
For Yusuf modern vaccines are not better than Prophetic medicine, (2) adding that 'black seed', the water from the Zam-zam well near the Ka'ba in Mecca, and olive oil are Islamically proven medications.
Among the 237 objects to go under the hammer, highlights include a life-size portrait of Persian ruler Fath 'Ali Shah, an important Iznik pottery tile depicting the Ka'ba, and an eleventh-century rock crystal chess piece.
Rose water and rose oil were among the most outstanding presents sent to Ka'ba each year, and offering rose water to the guests was an indispensable ritual of certain religious ceremonies like miladuddin nabi.
Amal said that she named her daughter "Larin," which means one of the keys to the gate of the holy Ka'ba, because she gave birth to her during the holy month of Ramadan.
This new collection of essays entertains and edifies as much for its diversity of sources and methodologies as it does for its content that, despite the loose thematic link of architecture and pilgrimage, covers topics as diverse as experiencing the Ka'ba in Mecca to investigating the evolution of the pilgrimage symbol, the scallop shell.
But his uncompromising monotheism cut directly against the entrenched polytheism of the Quraysh--and against their lucrative business in the Ka'ba, the shrine that attracted pilgrims from all over Arabia.
Holy Mecca: June 10 -- (BNA)-- On behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, the Amir of Holy Mecca HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal participated today in washing the inside walls of the Holy Ka'ba using linen wetted with Zamzam's water blended with rosewater and performed the "Tawaf" around the Holy Ka'ba followed by two rak'as.
Similarly subtle, Magnetism I and II, 2012, by Ahmed Mater seem to depict pilgrims circling the Ka'ba in Mecca, but in fact show the close-up view of iron filings drawn to a cube-shaped magnet.
True to the mission of bringing the story up to the present, the exhibit ends with a pair of glorious silver doors to the interior of the Ka'ba in Mecca, donated by a 17th-century Ottoman sultan and in use until 1947.