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a secret society of white Southerners in the United States

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Davis hoisted an authentic white hood from the KKK Wednesday, explaining that Mr.
Having "infiltrated the Conservative party in a serious way" the KKK apparently waged a "popular revolt against despotism" (207) in the form of a corrupt, controlling, Liberal political machine.
The KKK gets little financial support; much of it comes from the sale of paraphernalia and membership fees (ADL).
Hunt said he donned the KKK outfit and used the n-word to protest the way the city has treated him.
Just three weeks before the November election, Connerly and Gratz had to defend Prop 2 after the KKK distributed 6,000 newsletters with quotes from Gratz attacking her opposition.
In some quarters, the KKK is strangely called a "Public" KK in English, even though it is not listed.
In 2001 a member of the KKK came to the defense of a gay group in South Dakota seeking an "adopt-a-highway" sign after the Klan was denied a similar sign in Missouri.
The shield can withstand temperatures of up to 1,250 degrees Centigrade and fits most makes of turbine housing, including the most common brands of Garrett, IHI, KKK, Mitsubishi and Toyota.
In fact, the KKK does come for him at the jail in the night, but he manages to escape.
Above the rows of cartoonish cars, the unmistakable shape of a KKK hood lurks among the abstracted buildings of a city skyline--a nod to Philip Guston, perhaps, but slightly out of place and weirdly ahistorical in this context.
But the job is not as easy as Top has anticipated and he finds himself caught in a tangled web that consist of several determined Civil War Memorabilia collectors, the KKK, redneck bikers, ATF agents, and a right-wing religious organization.
is a superbly researched, in-depth assemblage of information on women's role in everything from the socialist party to the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Indian Territory to the KKK.
When they said they did not, the guard allegedly said it was the last thing a black person sees before they fall down a well, and then that it was the KKK looking down a well.
Roddy Brydon cruises around in a battered old car with the letters KKK on its number plate - the initials of the feared Ku Klux Klan.