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a secret society of white Southerners in the United States

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Dixon faced a charge of misdemeanor in summer last year for carrying a semi-automatic rifle to a KKK counter-protest in Durham, the News & Observer (http://www.
A man who shared a prison cell with former Klansman, Edgar Ray Killen, exposes KKK Secrets and attempts to bridge the racial divide in his new book, Killen the KKK.
The KKK may have been the precursor of Akel in Cyprus, but the two parties had a different outlook in relation to the future of Cyprus.
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley issued a statement Thursday to call on people to stay away from the KKK rally.
Of course, many members felt the KKK were misunderstood, with delivery driver Frank Ancona claiming: "Most of us are in it for the fraternal brotherhood aspect of it.
Davis shared with the group of about 50 how he came to find common ground with KKK members.
5) Imported by livewire organizers from Indiana (a key state for the US movement), the KKK peaked in Saskatchewan, he estimates, at around 25,000 members and some 150 individual lodges in the late 1920s.
We also interviewed an American academic to provide context about the nature of the KKK.
Former Miss India Rochelle Maria Rao, popular as host of IPL matches and also for her brief presence on Jhalak Dikhhla J' s last season, plans to increase her fan base by participating in KKK.
Simon Davies, prose-cuting, said that on March 12 last year, three videos showing a man in a KKK outfit hanging a doll were posted on YouTube on Philips' account, named Ultimate Dazzler, with web links and video stills from that footage posted on his social media websites.
A representative from the KKK sent a letter to board members arguing against the change and writing that the Klan was originally needed to protect "defenseless southerners" from "Yankee carpet baggers, scalawags, and many bestial blacks and other criminal elements out for revenge or just taking part in criminal mischief.
6 ( ANI ): Russell Brand has said that it is great that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in a relationship, as they can nickname themselves KKK.
A black member of the KKK isn't a black leader and a Cohen isn't a Jewish leader: Say NO to J Street and the Jewish Voice for Peace.
Similarly, in January 1989, the KKK wanted to hold a demonstration and speeches in opposition to the new federal holiday, Martin Luther King Day.
KKK Image: Deadpan comedian Bsst known for: His appearances on QI Early life: Rich Hall was born in Alexandra, Virginia in 1954.