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the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet

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Because KHIS has such a large gifted program, there has always been a close competition between the two KHIS classes to see which would represent the school, suggesting that the winning class did not include all the top students.
The KHIS program provides the social and academic context for students to exhibit or develop gifted behaviors--behavioral changes that Coleman would accept as evidence of the value of a gifted program.
In 1994, a survey of 300 KHIS GT students and 280 non-GT students revealed attitudinal factors that were significant, given that more than two thirds of the GT students would not have been GT students had the program continued its traditional means of identification.
Of students who were no longer enrolled in the KHIS GT-AP program, 62% had participated in an elementary gifted program and 38% had not.
Table 1 KHIS Ethnic Distribution Ethnic group Percentage of total Asian or Pacific Islander 72.