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a cap with a flat circular top and a visor

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Watching crowds form around these living treasures showed me that red kepi moments will keep happening as long as people of the present remain curious about people of the past.
Readers may soon forget they are reading historical fiction as Kepi, the protagonist, deals with the many obstacles that come her way.
Hemsirenin kepi de dini geleneklerden koken almakta olup boyun egiciligini gosteren, basini orten bir kumas parcasidir.
Each contains a hat, helmet, hood, cap, mask, beret, fez, shako, kepi, busby, tam o' shanter or just about any other type of headwear used by a military force in the 20th century.
With his magnificent Gallic horn of a nose, protruding like a great scalene triangle from beneath his brown kepi, he is a symbolic figure as recognizable as the Eiffel Tower, and almost as tall and inflexible.
La nacionalidad del artista explica el hecho de que Santamaria vista un uniforme de corte frances y lleve un kepi.
The critical factor in this system was that the return temperature in the condensing boiler was kepi below 120 F, much lower than conventional systems that operate at return water temperatures of 140 to 160 F.
The different mould sets are kepi securely in a design-enhanced, human-engineered changing trolley.
Kotar and Gessler publish the Civil War and nineteenth-century life magazine The Kepi and have written novels, articles, and a book on the Riverboat TV series.
Sin precedentes en el pais, la renuncia del cuerpo edilicio en Tancitaro fue la mas reciente expresion del fracaso del gobierno federal en su estrategia contra el narcotrafico, inaugurada por el propio Calderon en Apatzingan en enero de 2007, cuando acudio a la 43 Zona Militar vestido con una holgada casaca castrense y un kepi bordado con las cinco estrellas de comandante en jefe de las Fuerzas Armadas.
Think of Washington, doomed forever to hold--rarely wear--that blue tricorne; or Napoleon with his ever-present bicorne; or Charles De Gaulle, hawk-like and haughty in his kepi.
Asi los mismos soldados se cubrian sucesivamente con el kepi frances, el casco prusiano, el ancho sombrero yanqui.
The two central actions--the favorite jumper's fall and the crowd's race to the finish line--are coordinated in an image of "the white wings" (male ambulance attendants wearing a distinctive white kepi hat with a neck cloth as sun protection) fluttering onto the track where they joint up their stretcher and attend to the injured.
I read the script before they had a cast or director and kepi passing messages to them, saying, 'Hey, I love it
Each participant kepi a detailed behavioral diary for two 12-week periods each year and collected weekly vaginal swab samples during these 12-week periods.