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one of the major dialects of Old English


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9) But the most pertinent English inscription extant is probably the one on the inside of the sixth-century silver scabbard mount of the sword found in a pagan Jutish cemetery at Chessel Down in the Isle of Wight and now also in the British Museum; it most likely reads 'aeco soeri', which R.
Blair [1956, 196] explains that Saxon and Jutish chieftains that led raiding parties into Britain were war leaders whom freeman chose to follow.
Was Ribe really founded by an unnamed early Jutish king, as is generally held, or was it the result of a consortium of Frisian merchants?
In 1823 the Royal Commission of Antiquities in Copenhagen received an account of an unusual discovery made in a Jutish Bronze Age barrow when road authorities destroyed the monument in search for building materials.
Boundary 7 'separates Suffolk into north and south regions' and Falsetti & Sokal suggest (1993: 227) that it stems from a difference in founding Anglian and Jutish populations, which is simply incorrect: the Jutes are only recorded in Kent and Hampshire (Bassett 1989).