Justinian code

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the legal code of ancient Rome

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One of the earliest universities was established in Bologna in 1088, dedicated, many believe, solely to the recovery and analysis of the Justinian code.
The relationship of child and godparent created barriers that could not be crossed, and the sixth-century Justinian Code banned marriages between godfathers and goddaughters.
According to the Justinian code in Louisiana, slaves were not considered as chattels who were inherently slaves; rather, they were seen as unlucky people who were in bondage.
And while Elizabeth's successors, James I and Charles I, wholeheartedly embraced the Justinian code because it allowed them greater minute control over legal judgments, she did not.
America's legal tradition is clearly traceable through the English Common Law and the Natural Law tradition back to the Justinian Code and before that to the biblical injunctions against homosexuality in the Mosaic book of Leviticus and St.