William Howard Taft

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27th President of the United States and later chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1857-1930)

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By far the most important, although little appreciated by nonlawyers, is the change in the Court's functioning--perhaps it is not too much to say in its essential character--that was authorized by Congress in 1925 at the insistent urging of then-Chief Justice Taft.
Specifically, after lengthy and ardent lobbying by Chief Justice Taft, Congress enacted the justly named "Judges' Bill," which had been drafted by members of the Court and which gave the Court, for the first time in its history, the ability to decide which claims of federal right it would hear and which it would refuse to hear.
Instead, he reviewed the features of the Child Labor Tax that had prompted Chief Justice Taft and his colleagues to conclude that the measure imposed a regulatory penalty, and then offered several distinctions between the ACA and the earlier exaction.
Chief Justice Taft was careful to note, however, that liberal construction did not justify enlargement of the language employed "beyond the possible practical meaning of houses, persons, papers, and effects.
Chief Justice Taft stated that this question had been decided many times before and cited fifteen cases to support his contention, including, the famous Roberts v.
As I read those petitions I often bear in mind the words of Chief Justice Taft, who observed many years ago that the United States Supreme Court is not a court of error correction.
199) Chief Justice Taft dismissed the Tenure of Office Act because it was passed "during a heated political difference of opinion between the then President and the majority leaders of Congress.