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It invited all those who felt they had been "harmed" by one of these regimes to describe to the Justice Department "the nature and value of the harm they suffered.
The EFF had submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the document to be declassified, but the Justice Department objected to the FOIA request on the grounds that making the FISC decision public would damage national security.
In addition, Justice Department personnel will monitor the election in Lee County for compliance with the Voting Rights Act.
In his brief statement, Lowery said that the Justice Department "let us know that they would file a motion to intervene and stay the civil litigation filed by Alba while they conducted a review of this matter.
The Justice Department also included breaking up a counterfeit DVD and CD ring in New York as part of a large-scale operation in New York's Chinatown; the indictment of 19 people in Detroit for trafficking in counterfeit Viagra and cigarettes to support Hezbollah, a foreign terrorist organization; and the April 2006 charges against five people in San Jose in connection with camcording and distributing online pre-released movies.
But the Justice Department says "FISA expressly contemplates that the Executive Branch may conduct electronic surveillance outside FISA's express procedures if and when a subsequent statute authorizes such surveillance.
The Justice Department has published the criteria it uses in evaluating its options in a corporate criminal investigation.
Justice Department lawyers argue that the professors were "hired" experts, not worthy of belief.
Kerry opted in 1989 to take the same information that had been coldly received at the Justice Department and bring it to New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who agreed to begin a criminal investigation of BCCI, based on Kerry's leads.
In response to other criticisms, Justice Department spokespeople have also claimed that the Patriot Act applies only to "terrorists and spies" and that the FBI can't obtain a person's records without probable cause.
The US Justice Department indicated on Monday (17 December) that it will oppose a planned transatlantic alliance between American Airlines and British Airways unless certain concessions are made.
For 30 years, Tax Analysts, a publisher of tax-related publications, has used the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain records from the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service regarding the administration and interpretation of federal tax laws.
Microsoft says the problem is Big Brother; the Justice Department says it's Big Business.
Following the Adarand court decision, President Clinton called for a Justice Department review of all federal affirmative action programs.
Whether your company has a controlling or a minority interest in a foreign company, you may, in the view of the Justice Department, have imputed liability if you authorize, direct or participate in an impermissible activity of that company.
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