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To Thernstrom, the courts and the Justice Department have quietly perverted Congress's intent and have abused the judicial and administrative processes.
Peter Berger, patent counsel to On2, stated "It would be contrary to existing antitrust and prior Justice Department standards to automatically shift approval for an existing approved patent pool (MPEG-2) to a different group of patents (MPEG-4).
The behavior of the Justice Department throughout the affair raised a number of questions.
More than 20 cities were engaged in consent decrees with the Justice Department as of Thursday.
The United States will pursue all appropriate remedies against Volkswagen to redress the violations of our nation's clean air laws," said Assistant Attorney General John Cruden of the environment and natural resources division at the Justice Department.
It invited all those who felt they had been "harmed" by one of these regimes to describe to the Justice Department "the nature and value of the harm they suffered.
In his brief statement, Lowery said that the Justice Department "let us know that they would file a motion to intervene and stay the civil litigation filed by Alba while they conducted a review of this matter.
The Justice Department also included breaking up a counterfeit DVD and CD ring in New York as part of a large-scale operation in New York's Chinatown; the indictment of 19 people in Detroit for trafficking in counterfeit Viagra and cigarettes to support Hezbollah, a foreign terrorist organization; and the April 2006 charges against five people in San Jose in connection with camcording and distributing online pre-released movies.
The Justice Department laid out its rationale for the spying in a document entitled "Legal Authorities Supporting the Activities of the National Security Agency.
The other was the decision by the Justice Department not to indict KPMG as a firm, as it had done in an Enron-related case involving Arthur Andersen, but instead to enter into, with KPMG, a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA).
Justice Department, then under Attorney General John Ashcroft, now Alberto Gonzales, couldn't disagree more.
Citing concerns that the senator's requests would interfere with all ongoing sting operation in Tampa, the Justice Department delayed the subpoenas until 1988, at which point the subcommittee's mandate was running out.
While her ruling blocked the Justice Department from enforcing this provision of the PATRIOT Act against the plaintiffs, Judge Collins declined to grant a nationwide injunction against the Justice Department and sided with the government in rejecting some of the plaintiffs' arguments.
Stuber reports that he was shown a Justice Department document suggesting that Greens were likely terrorists.
Privacy considerations include requiring agencies to report to the Justice Department within 90 days of accessing electronic communications.
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