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someone who serves (or waits to be called to serve) on a jury

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Alice could see, as well as if she were looking over their shoulders, that all the jurors were writing down `stupid things
It was remarked that the jurors appeared to be deeply interested in a rapid conversation which the manager of the "Epoque" was having with Maitre Henri Robert.
He was endeavoring to impress the mind of the grand juror with the merits of a cause now at issue, Along with these was a pedestrian, who, having thrown a rifle frock over his shirt, and placed his best wool hat above his sunburnt visage, had issued from his retreat in the woods by a footpath, and was striving to keep company with the others, on his way to hear and to decide the disputes of his neighbors, as a petit juror.
In a concerted effort to make it easier for people to serve as jurors, the federal Judiciary is embracing technologies aimed at reducing wait times, paperwork, and trips to the courthouse.
We want jurors to have positive experiences with the courts, said Paul Lombardi, jury supervisor for the U.
Last month, jurors handed up the $2 million verdict against the officers.
Stadtmueller to question the jurors under oath, according to court filings first reported on by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
BOSTON -- The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday ordered trial courts to create lists of jurors that will be made available to the public "no later than the completion of the trial.
In his opinion Justice Robert Cordy cited the 18th century Boston Massacre trial, where he said the jurors who acquitted the British soldiers were known to the public.
1) Examples include jurors looking up legal terminology and principles, (2) investigating details about the parties in their cases, (3) and verifying expert testimony or factual information presented at trial through their own inquiries.
It advocates for the implementation of two particular positive rules: allowing jurors to ask questions of the judge and witnesses and providing jurors with an electronic record.
Courts give ambiguous guidance to jurors on how they should handle their expertise in the deliberation room.
In this Article we examine the actual and desirable behavior during deliberations of jurors with specialized expertise.
Four of the six jurors involved in the George Zimmerman murder trial have issued a (http://www.
2) Despite instructions from trial judges to the contrary, jurors have been too often tempted to access information from outside the courtroom.