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third-class mail consisting of advertising and often addressed to 'resident' or 'occupant'

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Many readers of Connections knew of Levy because copies of the Buddhist 3rd Class Junkmail Oracle were often included.
Almost 5,000 people have signed up for a campaign to keep junkmail from their letterboxes.
Mail in the UK, said, ``Our research shows that many British internet surfers don't have the knowledge to tackle junk mail effectively with more than half of Britons actually helping to perpetuate the junkmail cycle.
This time, among the bills, postcards and items of junkmail, was a letter offering me the chance to make pounds 40,000.
MORE than pounds 1billion of junkmail is wasted every year due to simple mistakes like getting customers' names and ad- dresses wrong, a report revealed yesterday.
In case you haven't left your terminal in awhile, this was a CD-ROM-based product of addresses and demographic information that would have ushered in the era of Desktop Junkmail.
Sender Score Certified is also included in Declude Junkmail, ActiveState and SpamBouncer.
One way is to take a little cash from a lot of victims, such as junkmail crooks who ask for a PS30 fee for a prize they'll never deliver.
We are watched, monitored and videoed by every Tom, Dick and Harry and data kept on us on all kinds of files from banks to junkmail companies.
Tough new laws may soon be brought in to clamp down on electronic junkmail.
This database is available to all Declude JunkMail customers to assist in addressing the latest practice by spammers of sending spam containing threats.
It acknowledges that the frequency of its junkmail gives cause for concern, posing the question on its website: "Why do you mail frequently?
The MailKey JunkMail FireWall will be sold in a premium package that also offers integrated virus protection.
The latter has prompted dozens of complaints to our blog and in May the Advertising Standards Authority slated it for junkmail misleadingly touting a "guaranteed" share of a pounds 10,000 prize.