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any of various large usually brown North American leaf-eating beetles common in late spring

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The producers of Junebug and I'm not There have also got Zooey Deschanel playing Harriett - the doe-eyed daughter of John Goodman's character.
For instance some attention was paid to Phil Morrison's Junebug when Amy Adams was inexplicably noticed by the Academy of Motion Pictures and nominated for an Oscar.
You remind me of my Junebug," she says (2006, 20), fondly recalling a lost son and suggesting a sense of kinship that will further develop as they "journey" to the City of Bones and Citizen comes to recognize himself as a "citizen" of this country of collective memory.
Merseyside musicians taking part in the 2008 event, the sixth annual International Pop Overthrow in the city, include Duncan Ross, The Good Intentions, the Alun Parry Band, Graystar, Junebug, TonyKehoe and The Stitches.
In die 2006-film Junebug word 'n greep uit die lewens van 'n gesin uitgebeeld wanneer "die verlore seun" saam met sy vriendin uit die stad op besoek kom.
Junebug has a "presence," she insists: "It was like he was wearing a magnet so strong that the snaps on my jeans were about to drag me over to him.
A nimble comic actress who enlivened Catch Me if You Can (as Leonardo DiCaprio's giggling girlfriend) and received an Oscar nomination for Junebug, Adams is adept at playing simple minds made restless by the loss of naivete.
I am from the chewing gum tree on the edge of the yard, from the Junebug bush, the four o' clocks, and lightning bug rings.
The best of a bad bunch is probably Junebug, worth watching for the captivating, Oscar-nominated performance of Amy Adams.
Most of the newly donated photos are black and white, and they include a striking photo of a sweating Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxing champion; one of actress Ingrid Bergman; and one of a boy with a junebug.
com)-- On November 3 2014 Junebug Weddings will launch its “2014 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest.
She jumps between comedies and dramas, and her films include Catch Me If You Can with DiCaprio, Enchanted, Junebug, Charlie Wilson's War, Sunshine Cleaning, Doubt, The Fighter and, this week, American Hustle.
Sponsored by Junebug Weddings, Fearless Photographers, Renaissance Albums Wedding photography offers photographers little control over location, timing, schedule, subjects and wardrobe.