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Serviceberry, also known in this area as Shadblow, Shadbush, or Juneberry, is a member of the genus Amelanchier.
Our current plantings in these levels include three plums, six apples, three kaki (Oriental) persimmons, one American persimmon, one quince, one medlar, five European pears, two Asian pears, three paw paws, four cherries, a juneberry, three mulberries, several elderberries, three gooseberries, two currants, two bush cherries, two Nanking cherries (one each of white and red), two jujube, and one each (melon tree).
Also called service berry, shad-berry, juneberry, and sometimes saskatoon blueberry, they grow wild and are one of the 13 species found in Canada of the genus amelanchier.
Brown introduces another unusual fruit in juneberry Smoky, which has long been grown as a 'pick-your-own' crop in North America, where it is known as 'saskatoon'.
Try these wild edibles available in Spring time: Wild Amaranth or Pigweed, Lambs quarters, Ladys thumb, Daylily flowers, Peppergrass, Sheep sorrel, Wood sorrel, Juneberry fruits Galinsoga leaves, Sochan (Rudbeckia laciniata) leaves, Catbriar shoots, Kudzu Shoots, Elderberry flowers.