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The WBA stressed Magee's mandatory rights have to be met before June 31, so July 7 does provide some leeway and if Balzsay fails to agree he will have to vacate.
The freeze on fees levied by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has been extended until June 31.
The freeze on fees levied by Bahrain's Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has been extended until June 31 in a move to ease pressure on the kingdom's trade sectors.
7m in the 12 months to June 31 as the average selling price of its homes increase by 12.
Libya's sovereign wealth fund (SWF) - the $65bn Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) - on June 31 accused Western financial groups of charging high fees for investments it claimed lost hundreds of millions of dollars of Libya's wealth.
Summary: Zain COO leaves for family reasons and 'personal business interests' effective June 31 - Reuters
A final list of candidates was issued on June 31, with 2,556 names, but about 40 had since been disqualified.
The government has not been able to take any major decisions, after the government stepped down on June 31.
The deceased's father, Baig Muhammad Bangulzai, alleged that his son was whisked away by security personnel from Ghai Khan Chowk on June 31.
The group expects to report first-half revenues to June 31 of at least pounds 32.
The municipality is proceeding with a cleanliness drive between May 3 and June 31.
The scholarships cover the academic year from February 1, 2010, to June 31, 2010.
LN), an oil services business specialising in the provision of data, studies and interpretation services to the oil and mining exploration sectors, has announced its financial results for the year ending June 31, 2009.
ANKARA, Jul 28, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say will give a concert on June 31 in Salzburg --the city Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.
Prize must be booked June 31 - August 31and taken between now and July 10 and from September 5 to October 15 Mon - Thurs and Sat only (excludes July 11 - Sept 4).