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(basketball) a player releases the basketball at the high point of a jump

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Mario Tennis comes to Wii U with a new Smash Jumpshot move and new characters.
Smith ''showed us something that I've seen again and again on the court -- that basketball can tell us a lot more about who you are than a jumpshot alone ever could,'' Obama said.
The Duke University product appeared to have bent his knee inwards after landing on one foot, follow a challenge made on Russel Westbrook's jumpshot.
AVAST Software, maker of the most trusted and recommended antivirus in the world, today announced that Jumpshot is now part of AVAST.
Coleman suspected the farmer had merely jumpshot waterfowl, so he offered to let the man experience the thrill of shooting over his decoys.
Summary: Nate Robinson scored the go-ahead jumpshot with 1:18 left as the Chicago Bulls scored the .
Dewarick Spencer took an isolation play at the top of the 3-point line, drove to the rim beating his man off the dribble, collapsing the defense before kicking out to Fares for a simple jumpshot to give Riyadi a 43-26 halftime lead.
The first points in this Division Four fixture were scored by new captain Danny Evans on a strong drive to the basket, followed by a jumpshot from new centre Maarten Wijdekop.
Though his evenings are spent helping his mother operate the TV remote and his sister do her math homework, he does find time to practise his jumpshot.
Jackson is a solid guard who drastically improved his jumpshot last season, shooting 43% from beyond the arc.
Mark watched the crowd and pantomimed shooting a basketball--dribbling and pulling up for a jumpshot.
Standing at a mean 5'8 she has a sick jumpshot, and crashes the boards like no other.
We have also included this year's winners of the River Styx International Poetry Contest as judged by Stephen Dunn, who is not only one of our most inspired poets, but who, I'm told, had one hell of a jumpshot in the semi-pro leagues.
Smith's jumpshot from 19 feet with 8:19 to play gave Detroit a 14-point lead.
In Cleveland, David West's 17-foot jumpshot with less than a second left led New Orleans over Cleveland 100-99 and to its fifth straight win.