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On the 26th of July, he commenced his march at an early hour, making directly across the valley, toward the hills in the west; proceeding at as brisk a rate as the jaded condition of his horses would permit.
On the following morning, July 27th, Fontenelle moved his camp across the river; while Captain Bonneville proceeded some little distance below, where there was a small but fresh meadow yielding abundant pasturage.
On the 28th of July the travellers arrived at the mouth of the Wallah-Wallah, a bright, clear stream, about six feet deep, and fifty-five yards wide, which flows rapidly over a bed of sand and gravel, and throws itself into the Columbia, a few miles below Lewis River.
On the morning of the 31st of July, all preparations being concluded, Mr.
Similar facts were observed on the 23rd of July in the same year, in the Pacific Ocean, by the Columbus, of the West India and Pacific Steam Navigation Company.
July Systems, the premier provider of smart mobile content retailing solutions, announced the U.
July is excited to bring to the industry yet another innovative technology that has the potential to transform the way mobile content is sold and distributed today," said July Systems Chairman & CEO Ashok Narasimhan.
July Systems, the premier provider of smart mobile content retailing solutions, announced it has secured a patent for its technology for personalization of mobile content services.
Personalization has long been the mobile content industry's holy grail," said Ashok Narasimhan, Chairman and CEO of July Systems.
July Systems announced it has appointed Michael Lunsford, a Silicon Valley software and hardware industry veteran, as July's VP of Product Management.
July Systems, a leading provider of smart mobile retailing solutions, announced it is strengthening its global sales and business development team with the appointment of two key executives.
July Systems, an innovative technology solutions provider of smart mobile content retailing services, today announced partnerships with nearly a dozen industry-leading mobile content publishers and aggregators including Breakpoint, Digital Bridges, Digital Chocolate, Mobile2Win, Mobile Media, M-Solutions, RealNetworks' GameHouse Studios, Selatra, and Versaly Entertainment.