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a legal holiday in Canada commemorating receiving Dominion status in 1867

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The Shubbak Festival will be running from July 1st through July 16th.
During the week ending July 1st, SBP's Liquid Forex Reserves increased by
So, in collaboration with our many Sparkling wine partners, we are initiating #SparklingWineDay to be celebrated annually every July 1st.
Trains and buses are delayed from the 7th to July 1st, so leave time to get around.
Starting July 1st, I will be paying 8 per cent more on 75 per cent of everything I buy and do.
As the traditional July 1st pro-democracy march in Hong Kong comes near, organizers say this year over 150,000 people are anticipated to attend, even if police claim there were "only" 62,800.
Our project team is currently working under an aggressive schedule to have the new facility completed by July 1st," said Aragon Account Executive Joseph Lopardo.
Two unnamed gynecologists at two hospitals have offered to perform publicly funded abortions, after the New Brunswick's last publicly funded abortion clinic closes on July 1st.
According to the Hakodate correspondent of the Japan Advertiser, the Japanese sealing schooner "Toramaru," of Yokohama, was otter-hunting off Shamushiri Island when on July 1st she picked up a boat containing four men, part of the crew of the "Matsutomo-maru.
Most of Bayer's chemicals business has been combined with parts of its polymers group to form a new global company, and on July 1st LANXESS Corporation continued supplying customers with our diverse product portfolio backed by the most success-driven team of rubber specialists in the industry.
On July 1st, an estimated half-million demonstrators poured into the streets of Hong Kong's central business district for a mass protest outside the Legislative Council.
Such a dire result is the possible consequence of a July 1st OTR announcement--posted on its website--that taxpayers have until December 31, 2002, to send OTR a copy of any letter ruling they intend to rely on in filing a D.
Whether it's June 1st or July 1st, releasing prisoners for budgetary purposes in this particular environment is a big mistake,'' he said.
On July 1st, 14th-magnitude Pluto may not occult a 12th-magnitude star after all (see last month's issue, page 92).
The government had the full cooperation of the media, which supported Proulx's recommendations editorially and virtually ignored the government's hurried passage of Bill 118, which eliminated confessional schools as of last July 1st.