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See NARA, WPA State Records, Ohio Projects: Slovenian, 65-42-1952; Polish, 65-42-492; Greek, 165-42-1099; Czech, 165-42-1111 and 65-42-17175; Hungarian, 165-42-17156 and 165-42-3175; Jugoslav, 65-42-6594 and 65-42-3038; Hebrew, 65-42-3088; Lithuanian, 65-42-2255; Slovak, 165-42-3207; multiple garden projects joined by the City Parks Department, superseding earlier requests, 165-42-3207 and 465-42-2-109.
The WPA Writers' Project changed its name to the Office of War Information; salaries were upped handsomely; one went on, going to cocktail parties for a Second Front, then for Russian Aid, then for Jugoslav Relief, then for United (
I'll be looking for children's shows and sitcoms," says Jugoslav Pantelic of Belgrade network Studio B.
The five, including group leader Jugoslav Petrusic, who has dual Yugoslav- French citizenship, reportedly joined the Yugoslav army last year during Nato air strikes and fought in Kosovo.
The airline registering the most spectacular rise in passenger air traffic was Jugoslav Airlines (+43%), which comes as little surprise in that the EU lifted its air embargo on Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic's regime in February.
An investigation at Companies' House in Edinburgh yesterday revealed that the Dundee shares were allotted to di Stefano's company, Italo Jugoslav Airlines Inc, in Belgrade on March 24.
Jean's only (surviving) play, Paradise Flow,(109) depicts the involvement of many Migrant cane cutters with the Party (as well as a romance between an 'Australian' and a Jugoslav Migrant.
His fascination with the figure of King Richard III enabled many directors and actors to connect his character and schemes with those of Stalin: for a while there was fashion, particularly evident in Jugoslav theatre and in Western student theatre, of presenting the play as a 'contemporary event' with Richard wearing a moustache and dressed in a Stalin-styled military jacket.
The efforts of the Jugoslav Partisan Movement to obliterate the influence of the remaining 'reactionary elements' in the population had not always been well thought out.