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a sport adapted from jujitsu (using principles of not resisting) and similar to wrestling

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Morocco has staged numerous Judo competitions, on the top of which the Junior World Championships in Agadir in 2010, in addition to continental events which have attracted a great number of international judokas.
Eating attitudes and weight control: Even when abnormal eating attitudes do not lead to clinical ED, restricted eating--a common practice in judokas before competitions--can have a negative effect on the psychological profile of a judoka.
Brazilian judoka Felipe Kitadai broke the Olympic bronze medal he earned on Saturday while taking it into the shower, his team spokesperson said Monday.
Summary: Lebanese judoka Karen Chammas says she will take it game by game when she makes her debut at the Olympics in London on July 31.
British Judo performance director Daniel Lascau said: "I'm very pleased with Hayley because she confirmed her ability at this level after winning the junior title on Saturday, and she's a very good judoka.
Sam is a Commonwealth gold winning UK Judoka and Vince is an international athlete who is the strength and conditioning coach at Camberley Judo Club where all the English Olympians train.
In the previous three months, Radio Farda said, Payam Moradi, a member of Iran's karate team, defected in France, Vahid Sarlak, a judo team member, defected in Germany, fellow judoka Ehsan Rajabi, requested asylum in the United States, and fencer Mohammad-Hassan Ebrahimi, defected in France.
BAHRAIN'S Khaled Nabeel Alaraifi held his own against world-renowned judoka Kazuhiko Takahashi of Japan yesterday in the men's open weight category at the Guangzhou Asian Games.
Beijing Olympics bronze medalist Misato Nakamura won the 52-kilogram category as Japanese female judoka swept all four weight categories at the Grand Slam tournament in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.
You bow to your sensei (teacher) every time you come onto or leave the mat," says Robert: Each time a judoka earns a new belt, he must learn a little more about the history of the sport.
Ali Muhammad Fakher, an Olympic judoka for Iraq and one of four Iraqi competitors in Beijing, on training with fellow athletes at home regardless of their political and religious divide.
Algeria's Soraya Haddad, the only non-Asian to advance to the semi-finals, overpowered Kazakhstan's Sholpan Kaliyeva to take the first bronze, and the first medal for an African judoka.
It was developed from the ancient sport of Jujitsu, which was the hand-to-hand combat technique of Samurai warriors and although a bout is normally won by a judoka (a competitor) throwing their opponent to the ground, judo does allow submission holds that include choking and breaking an arm.
Los Angeles Olympic gold medal-winning judoka Yasuhiro Yamashita of Japan met former Russian President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is also known as a judoka, in Moscow on Sunday night.
At Erdington we're lucky enough to have around 15 senior female judoka training with us," said a judo club spokesman.