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the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government

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Step six- calculation of weights of judicative matrix:
After creating judicative matrix, we should calculate the weights of each judicative matrix.
To do this, we first calculate the sum of fuzzy numbers in each row of judicative matrix illustrated in table 6.
Stage2--creating judicative matrix between technical features according to "technical information" index like table 13
According to the antirealist, therefore, judicative states such as belief and knowledge turn out to be what Wodeham refers to as "reflexive" states (or, what we might call "second-order" states), that is, they are mental states that relate to other mental states as object.
The fourth and final stage of belief or judgment formation is the judicative act itself, that is, the act by which one assents (or dissents) to the mental sentence thus apprehended.
In particular, it entails that the object of these second-order judicative states is not merely a first-order mental sentence, but rather a fact or state of affairs that contains the mental sentence merely as one of its constituents.
Second, Wodeham's criticisms of antirealism reveal that he takes the extramental entities that serve as judicative objects to stand in a broadly referential relation to the judgments corresponding to them.